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Letter to the introverts

Only thing my heart wants
Is to overcome the fear that haunts
Me every night when I go to sleep.
A pain that won't let me breathe
while I am still laying in my bed.
So many thoughts messing with my head.
Will I survive one more night?
Or do I have to be my own knight.

There are people looking up to me
waiting for my lips to speak
But here I am looking at my feet
Recalling every embarrassing thing I did
I hear their voices whispering
Saying that girl doesn't know anything
but how do I say I got something to say

It's just my voice that has a habit to betray
And here i am left with no choice
I have to run before my eyes get moist

They say I got my guards up to the sky but did they ever try to break it without making me cry?

Maybe It will take some time
to bring it below the borderline
Maybe one day I would have a smile
That would light up to the miles
Maybe I could be like them
happy with life and Zen

Over the time I learned something
Don't keep it inside if it's hurting
Cry out all your emotion you are feeling
And see how it starts healing
If they label you then let them
 do don't you lose your faith in you
 Everyone around you will turn cruel
So be prepared for your duel

Don't be afraid to live your life.
Live it to full just don't survive.
Realize the power vested in you
And that's everything I have for you.


-Durgesh Nandini Naik
Note: this is a self-written poem when I was 14. While I was struggling to find my voice. Finally, I found my voice in the form of writing and it became my healing therapy. If you feel the same. Reach out for help and find what helps you heal. There is something for everyone.


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