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Let's go to Japan!

The simplest way I can answer you this question would be "cause why not ". Jokes apart, Japan is the country that is way in the future than the rest of the world. And not only being technologically advanced Japan is the center of pure culture and heritage. If you don't know yet, Japan is located in eastern coast of Asia. It consists of the main five islands named Hokkaido, Honshu, Kyunsu, Shikoku and Okinawa.
Japan is known for many things like it being highly technologically advanced at the same time for holding on to their cultural roots. There are many things that make their country better than ours. So, too see and get inspired. How about a trip to Japan?
Here are the few reasons that will make you want to visit japan at least once in your lifetime.
Japan has the most astonishing and fantasy- like landscape that will make you feel like being part of an anime world. The beautiful landscape like the Styria tunnel of Cahuachi Fuji gardens, the road side cherry blossom trees or mountain top unkai terrace. The natural landscape of the country will have your jaw dropped in every step you take.
You can also visit places like Kyoto which was the capital of Japan for thousands of Years before Tokyo. Kyoto has the most historical landscape with stories dating to thousands of Years and rich cultural statements throughout the cities.
THE PEOPLE of japan themselves have been the attraction for the country. Japanese people are observed to be the politest in nature. The Japanese strongly believe in harmony among the people. Thus, results in a polite and respective personality in the public.
Half of the technological innovation is the gift of Japan whether it be your favourite video game or your cell phone. Japan has blessed it. Japan is a much more technology advanced country that even has technological advanced toilets that do the work for you. Feel old yet? Other than that, Japan has robots as guides and for service in stores and offices. It minimises the labour pressure from the economy. They also have vending machines for everything. When I say everything, it means everything. Whether it be for food or necessity items and more than that they have tablets that will guides your thought or make a purchase without interacting with actual people. Wow. It will be so helpful in the time of covid viruses.
Again, Japanese food to kill for ranging from some handmade ramen to suhis but Japanese food is more to it. You can find street food like from Takoyaki to Watahme. More than the food the dining experience in japan is also what should be in your bucket list. Restaurants in Japan include secluded and interactive dining experiences. Like the vending machine restaurant limits your interaction with the staff and people but then there are cool restaurants that offer activities like catching fish for your own dinner. The chef's cooking right Infront of you and many more things. This is what makes Japanese dining more exciting.
And did I mention Japan's ramen museum? They serve 9 types of ramen from around the world. More the merrier for the foodies out there.
Where to stay?
Japan has this variety of places that you can stay in while you're travelling. I mean of course you can always book an Airbnb for the cheaper price than hotels but hey what about hostels. In Japan there are themed hostels around for coating lower than $60(less than Rs.4000) per night. Theme hostels like the library hostels where the walls are nothing but big shelves of books make your staying experience way more fun. There are also pod hostels where you can stay in small pod beds for $40(less than Rs.3000) per night. And these hostels and hotels come with the most Modern technology and best service that can be provided.
Bullet trains!!!
Let the inner child in you come out. Even though it's just a train with super speed. Why not it be a reason for you to go to Japan. The rest of the world is yet to build their own tracks for bullet trains. It might not be that far away in future but still you got time for that. So why not explore the bullet train in Japan and more than that what excites me are the bento boxes you can take on your Little train trip. For those who don't know what bento box is, it is just a lunch box with small portions of different types of traditional Japanese food in it. Tempting isn't it?
These are the big gaming stations where you can hang out with your friends or meh maybe just alone but trust me you will never be bored. And if you are good enough you can win prizes in cash as well as goods. Just like casinos but for the child in you. The games range from physical games like dancing to computer games. You name it they have it.
Animé lovers
And you are an Anime fan like me. Well that's all you need to pack your bag and go to Japan. Still for most tourist Anime related events have also been the most of the Centre of attraction. Like cosplay events where you dress up as your favourite anime character and attend a concert and actually meet the voice actors of the character. This is a dream come true for every anime fan. And there are also Magi events where the voice actors dub the movie right in front of you with on time Foley effects. It's like a book Reading session but for animated movies.
No matter what your reason might be, Japan is a must visit place on everyone's list and if it wasn't on your list then add it.!!! Trust me. you won't regret it.

- Durgesh Nandini Naik
Amity University


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