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Kolkata - The City of Lights and Joy

Proud of being a citizen of India. Coming from a city like Kolkata, from the street food to lights, festivals to joy, busy life to peace and content… we go through it all. Let's have a look at a few of these few famous places you should visit, if you ever drop by here:
The very famous, Victoria Memorial. In commemoration of Queen Victoria, this historical site has a lot to offer their visitors. From the renowned Light and Sound Play that takes place every weekend in the evening to speaking about its history. Located in Queens way, Maidan, that happens to be a little further down from Park Street. In memory of The Queen, the entire road has been named after her. The people who love going to museums and historical sites, this place is just right for you.
To all the book worms. This is an ideal place to sit at ease for hours on end. No one to disturb you and your books. The National Library and it's umpteen number of books, wow, it's uncountable and magnificent! Adding a tad bit of spooky to it as well… It is said to be haunted at night. People have often heard the sound of horse carriages at night, going back to the ages of the British Rule in India. So, to all the ghost thrillers and readers out there, don't forget to meet your favourite place. I'm sure you'll soon make it your favourite too.
The Indian Coffee House. A shoot out to all the caffeine addicts. This place is the retro style cafè opened after the very famous Indian Singer, Manna Dey. In loving memory of him and his evergreen song, "Coffee House er shei adda ta aaj aar neyi…" Located in North Calcutta, College Street area. If you happen to drop by, don't forget to try out their fish fry as well. Apart from going in a group, you could also try going alone as well, just to get the feels!
Our Prinsep Ghat, located on Hastings Road. Happens to be not only a historical place to visit, but also a lover points for all the newbie couples. A very old Ghat that was built during the British Raj, right near the banks of the Hooghly. A place where you can relax and chill! Their ferry rides, long walks with your partner, and hangout areas for friends and family. This place is just what you need if you're into photography as well. Right behind the Ghat is what we call the Howrah Bridge, that happens to overlook the Ghat. So, you get to see two well-known sites at one go.
If you visit our city. You must never leave out the Howrah Bridge. As simple as taking a long drive over the bridge from where it starts to right to the other end. It's a drive you will never forget. Right across the River Hooghly, it stretches. There are two Howrah Bridges. One was built during the British Raj and the other after that. The old bridge happens to connect you to the Howrah station for travelling.  The new one that was built in the recent past, was built for mainly ongoing car and bus journeys. Take a halt, and view beauty.
The Indian Museum. Situated in Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Dharmtala. This museum happens to be the ninth oldest museum in India apart from being the largest as well. Also known as the Imperial Museum at Calcutta, this museum has rare collections of antiques, armour, ornaments, fossils, skeletons, mummies and Mughal paintings. It consists of 6 sections with 35 galleries. Each having Indian and trans-Indian objects displayed. Take a look, if you haven't as yet!
For pilgrims, this place is one of the best. The Dakshineshwar Kali Temple, a Hindu Navratna temple that is situated in Dakshineshwar itself. This temple happens to be near the eastern banks of the Hooghly River. The devotees believe in, Bhavtarini, an aspect of Maa Kali. One the most beautiful and peaceful temples during the year round. In total, this temple has nine shrines; each devoted to Lord Shiva (Maa Kali's husband), Radha and Krishna, also one of the shrines are dedicated to Rani Rashmoni. A chamber in the northwest corner of the temple, called "Nahabat", happens to be a place where Sree Ramkrishna and Maa Sarada spent a part of their lives.
Bored of your contemporary lives? Well, Nicco Park has your mood set. A park for all ages to enjoy. With their water rides and exciting other rides like the roller coaster, cup and saucer, skydiver and what not… Have yourself a merry Little day with friends and family by visiting this place and forgetting all your sorrows and worries for a day. Kickstart your day with fun and frolic.
The M.P. Birla Planetarium, situated in Kolkata. One of the most iconic structures of Kolkata. This entire design was based on the famous Sanchi Stupa. Adjacent to St.Paul's Cathedral and near Victoria Memorial, it's a hub for tourist attractions. It is a must go to! Upgraded with its projection facilities, seminar halls, visual displays; this planetarium is one of the most interesting for those who are scientifically inclined. Don't miss this destination.
The Marble Palace, a palatial nineteenth century attractions in North Calcutta. One of the best-preserved places kept in Kolkata. This building, is famous for its marble floors, walls, and sculptures, hence the name itself. A very beautiful experience once visited. People shall be more than delighted to hop in!
There are an abundance of what Kolkata has to give. Once you start, you want to see more of it! Take the opportunity to know every bit.

-By Namrata Dey


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