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It's not Adieu, it's just Au Revoir…

Another goodbye? Did it all end at once?

There seems to be a tenderness growing within you. Tell me, is it true? You're growing unusualness for that which is closer than yourself. Loving wasn't so hard until it fell deep into the midst of darkness. Are you there? Can you save me? You never knew the feeling, until this very day, until this very moment, until this very time and until this very second. Even then, with the flaws and the mess, you walked that extra mile and you walked that extra mile… You walked that extra mile to only give more when there was nothing less. Why did you? For all those memories of which some were cherished and some were locked. Locked in the realms of unspoken, unsaid memoirs. You wish you had known! You wish you were told! You could only wish at this time.

I know it hurts, but by choice if you feel this right, go for it. Over the dark clouds of rain that shows you the way to ponder, reflect.

Find yourself the one that chooses beyond compare. Find someone who is more than what they show. Find someone real for a change. Fair enough isn't it? This time will you do the same?
Amidst the patterns of a one-way drift, try a simple reciprocation. You only know once you say and you only know once you do. Of travelling those tracks with blackened stones running deep within your skin, deal with the proximity of depth while you're soaring high into the skies of knowing more. A feeling of positivity and strength of happiness dealing with the unassurity given by the one who you feel won't. Think less believe yourself more and go for it.

I don't know, will you help me? Through this all, will you guide me? Can, I hope? That what is, can't be no more. Once felt beautiful, then carried on to become a scar. Going away wasn't easy ever. At least, it didn't seem so. For the time being, bittersweet intentions of emotions that went further to reach the barrier of awestruck moments that swept you off only to keep you dumbfounded…

Did this actually happen? It was real, wasn't it? Best broken beliefs that were once known to only self, has now gone towards the divine drift of another. A lot more is yet to come and a lot more is yet to be seen. Of those undiscovered thoughts let loose in the wilderness of the contemporary, you knew where you were and you want be just there. A lifetime experience with a forever heart intriguing the psych of inquisitive charm, that was once lost has now been found.

Did I think too much? Will you still be there? Simply ending a lifelong creation of belonging. Not realising how going was not taught to us. You go away, only to leave the melodies of your melancholic mood to deal with. Those first, lasts of everything gone through once again in repeat and letting a part of your unrevealed nature trapeze, while you cry the sorrows of your pain in distress, don't go all at once. Stay here, will you? If not in reality, be my virtual everything? Afterall these times, it is yet to bid you farewell. Can't and won't, as the adieus once said to end, remain au revoirs of just a beginning to be fulfilled one fine day.

Make a wish ! Take a chance … And never say NEVER again ~

-Namrata Dey


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