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Since the beginning of time astrology has provided answers to many mundane yet unknown and equally important facts about our life. It doesn’t constraint to the daily horoscope where you are given a fair idea about the dos and don’ts of the day but today, we will be focusing light on an issue which is very scientific yet its functionalities with an individual can be interlinked with the working of Vedic astrology.

Information Technology is a very recent yet prominent concept and some might wonder how something so ancient like Vedic astrology can connect with it but studies show that the forebodings acquired through the readings of sidereal astrology can conclude a person’s career scope in the field of Information Technology. Planets like Mars, Saturn and mercury works under the derivation and influence of IT sector and studying and understanding their positioning to collect information.
Today we will be focusing on the twelve zodiacs and how they can be compatible with a career in Information Technology Industry and whether an individual belonging to a Sun-sign will have a handsome amount of salary or job security. Every zodiac has a different interest level when it comes to technology and we will be counting from top to the bottom in interest level.
People born under this zodiac are deep thinkers they are philanthropists so whenever they pour their head and heart in any technological invention or activity, they will make sure that it is for the betterment of the human race. This is the important reason why Aquarius will have a good career in Information Technology.
Gemini comes second in the list of Information tech gurus and the reason behind it has to do with its quick wits and communication skills. They are very free spirited and will always be up for learning new things and taking up new technological projects, they increase their knowledge with the process this learning attitude helps them prosper in the career.
Leo in spite of their rigid mind and attitude they are people with true visions. They are confident and competitive this allows them to always be interested in the unknown and they won’t stop till they polish into perfection. Leo’s have been influenced by Saturn often so they grow a keen interest in Technology and their ambitious nature assist them to strive excellence in it.
Aries are always updated with the latest technological trends and they are very courageous so won’t step back in taking the risk to expend money to buy new technologies. Their career in industrial technology industry is very much subjected to impressing the crowd around through their knowledge and communication skills.
Sagittarius is a wandering philosopher; their learning attitude is what makes them so impressionable and accepted by the crowd. Because of the celestial body influence Sagittarius will prosper in the salary section which ever sector they work in so working in a information technology sector would be a great choice as it can allow them to fulfil their necessities and at the same time provide them an interesting field to contribute their hard work in.
Capricorns are ruled by their innate practical nature and this is what attracts them to the careers of Information Technology, they love to work with science as it provides logical explanation to every query. But they won’t be very social in the job sector because they will be doing their work and leaving without having any social life mainly because they are family person and always in a hurry to come back home.
Taurus are the ultimate materialistic folks they love to buy new things specially the one in trends so it is needless to say that technology will attract them as it can be a subject of pride.  If they work in information technology sector, they will be the person who will gain possession to every recent gadget and hence have a good knowledge about them.
Libras don’t mostly lean their interest in technological industry they are keener towards the justice and political sector when it comes to choose for a career. But if they end up in a job in the IT industry, they will make sure that the justice and unbiased morality is maintained more than diligently contributing in the technological projects.
Virgos will impress everyone with their perfectionist nature but when it comes to technology their interest is very surface level. If they start working in an information technology industry it means that they will do the work diligently because of their hard-working nature but its not necessarily that they are interested much in the subject.
Scorpio being the rebel in the water sign will always be very competitive if they start working in an information technology sector. They will have many creative ideas that they will voice their opinion in these sectors but the only factor that will bring them down to their demise is their vindictive nature which will take most of their concentration.
Cancer is the moon ruled sign and they are not very interested in the information technology sector because of their shy nature but they have pretty innovative ideas and they learn about technology quickly so if given the potential they will surely prosper more.
Pisces are more involved in the emotional state of their mind and Pisces astrologically studied are not very interested in Science or information technology but if there are exceptions, they will be very much accepted by their colleagues because of their sensitive yet knowledgably nature.
- Deepanwita Dey


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