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Indian candies that have disappeared over the years

Candies are legit an emotion. Our childhood was incomplete without the sweetness of these citrus sugary treats. And as we grow up, this part of us never fades, rather increases all the time we see them in front of our eyes. Unfortunately, it so happens that what we grow up seeing around us, don't last long. Let's look at a few of these candies that have vanished from the market entirely;
Lotte's Coffy Bite
Our childhood was never complete, if our friends never gave these sweets to us during their birthdays in school. Every child's favourite memory was this coffee flavoured fudge sweet that still brings a craving when spoken about.
Phantom Sweet Cigarettes
This was the only way to feel like a gangster in your childhood. An only escape to pretend to look doped, though let's admit, none of succeeded doing that. The moment we had it in our mouth, we'd have a tendency to eat it like any other candy.
One of the best substitutes back then for drinking cold Coke. The patent line of our parents being that our throats will go bad. A solid Cola flavoured cylindrical candy bar that gave us heaven-like feels once consumed!
Mango Bite
Another one of those sweets distributed at birthdays of our friends back in school. ₹1 each for these sweets. Imagine ! It's a shame if you haven't had them… One of the best mango flavoured toffees in those days.
Every youngster, even now loves chewing gum. This was one of the first companies to make chewing gums back then. Our memories are incomplete without this. These increased the so-called "cool" quotient in your locality. Consisting of 12 pieces per packet a peppermint gum artificially flavoured brought joy on the faces of all the children.
Big Babol
Another flavoured chewing gums. One of my personal favourites too. Loved chewing them till they turned into stone. Mostly sold strawberry flavoured gum that gave out the sweetness while chewing for god knows how long …
These coloured sweeteners were every child's best friend! Similar to the Mentos sold now, this candy got sold in minutes at every shop next to your locality. One of the few sweets that gained a lot of attention.

Our nostalgic memories of childhood feel incomplete without remembering these candies that brought a smile on faces of so many. Every birthday or celebration for children, these candies were a must to be given to all. Looking back on the good times; one of the best feelings to have ever asked for!

- Namrata Dey


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