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Kolkata, the city that is famous for its food. Kolkata is the only city where is you can get from anything to everything. From Chinese to Italian, from Thai to Mongolian, Kolkata always has the best to offer you. But the heart of the city resides within its street food. Kolkata is popular for its huge variety of street food. Some of the best street foods available in the city are listed below:
1.    Eggrolls: Eggrolls are indeed one the best and most favourite street foods of all time. People of Kolkata swear by this one food item. Delicious meat, onions, and omelette wrapped inside deep fried parathas are the absolute answer for all your hunger cravings. Eggrolls do come in different options like with chicken, mutton, paneer and anything you ask for. They are value for money and an absolute Bengali “Delicacy”.
2.    Phuckha: If in Bengal, the one thing that you will never want to miss, is Phuchka. They call it the heart of West Bengal. Small dumplings of flour filled with spicy mashed potatoes and the most amazing tamarind water makes it the best tsunami of flavours in your mouth.
3.    Momos: Although being a Chinese item, momos is Kolkata are yet another best thing to gorge upon. The different favours, the different options and specially the spicy scauce that is served with it serves the purpose. Momos are an all-time favourite dish of people and its next to impossible to say a No when you are being served a plate of momo.
4.    Kachori: Kachoris are one of the best Bengali street foods to ever exist. These are considered to be the epitome of all acidity problems in the stomach, yet it remains to be the all time favourite of Bengalis. Served with a sweet gravy, Kachoris are something almost everyone loves to eat.
5.    Jalebi: Kolkata is mainly known for its sweets. It is the sweetest part of the country. Jalebis are considered of the best street sweet available in the city. It indeed is the sweetest thing that is available. Inter-tangled rings of sweet syrup and served directly from the oven, Jalebis are the best things to grab while you’re in the streets of Kolkata.

- Upasana Sarbajna
 I am Upasana.I am from Kolkata. I am a student of Mass Communication and Journalism. I am a content writer and I write on different genres. Writing has been my passion from a very young age, and English has been one of my favourite subjects always. English stories, short stories, novels, dramas have always been my field of interest. And further, I would want to get an opportunity in the advertising field as a content creator.


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