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Importance of Saving of Money

Money is the most important and most essential vital asset in life and without it we could end up with nothing. That is why saving money is the more crucial thing in life. With the economy the way that is and prices on our daily items continuing to increase, such as medicines, daily stuffs and groceries, it is very much difficult to save money. There are many unexpected moments in life where an emergency fund can save us from trouble. There are so many other reasons to save money as well like for instance, our retirement, on other hand saving money for when we grow older, we can afford to retire more comfortably instead of a simple life what we will receive. Then of course if we have kids, we might want to consider saving for their college expenses.
Money is the most valuable and required thing for the survival. It’s not just one piece of paper or coins but it holds some value, a value that has to be understood by every individual. If we quote it into particular definition then money is, a measure of value, medium of exchange and means of payment consisting of notes, coins and paperless payment systems like different debit and credit cards, it is not about the people but about each and everyone in the world, from the lower class to the rich people, money holds so much that one even fails to anticipate. It holds power, ability to create jealousy, manipulation, greed and what not.
Money by far is the most necessity thing that is required after basic necessities like food, shelter and clothing. It is one of the fundamental requisites for a middle- and low-class person to meet their ends and for the higher class to get their luxurious demands fulfilled. The fact is that it shouldn’t be forgotten is that that you need to save for future crisis or any emergency time, for the business problems, for travel, for any sort of urgency, for fulfilling a long-cherished dream or for anything. Money is a prized possession though it’s worth is subjective but anyhow it is needed in every next step and for that you need to prioritize your needs and also understand how much savings play an important role in securing future.
Saving money maybe is a tough task though but one can always have alternative plans like for instance this is for someone who cannot keep cash on hand for long as he’s going to spend it, then buy a piggy bank or get yourself one bank account or a recurring deposit. Other alternatives you can give it to your parents or let’s just presume that you’ve good self-control then you start saving ten percent every month from your expenses. So, this is how you manage your finances.

Our childhood or the one who are not the nineties kid then they very well know the importance of saving and its perks. They have had grandparents who would have given better techniques for savings. But we as in everyone not just one particular age group; the ones who aren’t successful in saving we need to work from scratch. We should start asking prices, compare them, stop running behind brands, go for discounts and sale, use coupons, avoid spending’s on junk food.

-By Pallabi Ghosh
Amity university


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