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With the hustle and bustle of having your favourite polished career with an excellent educational degree and an idealistic yet acceptable salary can be tiring in this busy day and age. Since the beginning of time sidereal astrology has provided answers to many mundane yet important factors of our life. The reading of the celestial positioning of the planets and stars can advise you on the paths that you can choose to prospers or certain ways or objects you should avoid in order to obstruct any sudden unprepared accident. Astrology always goals for a positive outcome in an individual’s life and our today's topic business can also be understood a lot better through the studies of zodiacs.

When we talk about business, we constraint our mind to that one type of career but finding and managing the career in any field takes a lot of hard work and enthusiasm along with a creative mind. So, if we ask ourselves the question it will surely be a lot easier if we have a brief idea on the career that can help us reach the ultimate success and astrology can help you get answers to all the interrogation we have before choosing a job field. So here are some unique fields we can work in.

Aries are very ambitious with whatever work they will end up with but by birth they have excellent leadership qualities so they should choose a career in coaching, any form of coaching will help you get success. With the Aries energy they can be a good coach in the sports field or they also can be good teachers in their particular field of education.
Taurus doesn’t have much demands though they are materialistic but they will never do a work they are not very fond of just for the monetary gain they provide. Taurus will much appreciate the finer things in life and surely a career that is less complicated and something that doesn’t require human interaction. An author would be the perfect career that would give them the fame, money and serenity they need.

Gemini have a dual personality so they can work as commanding leaders but at the same time they wont mind a little adventure in their life too. A career as a media personality which doesn’t limit in the mainstream media field but also a show host, radio RJ or DJ can help you reach success in a fun way.

Ruled by the celestial object moon Cancerians are shy folks so any career that keeps them away from public anxiety because they always fear they are going to humiliate themselves in front of the crowd. Zen careers are advisable for this clan which they can feel comfortable in like elementary school teachers or Yoga teachers because they have the ability to stay calm in pressure.

Leos can be judged at downright aggressive at times but they are also great motivators. It is also believed that they understand other people’s personality. So, a career as none other than a career counsellor will bring success to not only a Leo but also the people they train. They will be an expert in understanding the interest of other individual but also push them to achieve their goal.

Virgo’s are told to be very studious and they have a very sharp brain that can memorize and understand complicated subjects the best. They will satisfy their career choice by being a medical field personality they can be well renowned Doctor or follow a medical research. They can also be serving as a nurse.
Libras are always diplomatic and they will surely have a balance between both worlds, they will never let a form of injustice happen in their work field. They also have a good capability to win hearts through their orating skills so a job as a politician, school board or senator. Any job that can provide with a fair judgement is meant for Libra.
Scorpio has a very creative mind in spite of their vengeful vindictive nature they will always find a solution to a problem that is out of the ordinary and easy going. So, a job career best fit for this clan is an artist, any form of art work will give scorpions the boost they have always required in a work field.  Best work options include filmmakers, musicians and painters.
Sagittarius can be the fire sign but they can be the least aggressive when it comes to their profession, they are very serious and they are also gaining knowledge through every step by their learning attitude. They can be best fit as college professors or college principles if they are that passionate and hard working. They have a fun interesting way of teaching that can indulge the students.
Capricorns are born to be the boss in any job sector they are very passionate about their work and will go to any limit to achieve the goal they have dreamt about. They have a true keen interest in business and if they work hard through the steps of the program, they can be a CEO owning their own company.
Aquarius are very worldly and they do appreciate the little things in human life, the creation of the universe etc. They care about other people and sympathize with their poverty and inequality stricken. Aquarians are best fit with a job as humanitarian, NGO workers and philanthropist where they can be closer to human and help them.
Pisces are emotional but they can also very deeply understand the sensitive side of other people and with a little education and knowledge they will be able to unlock the deeper mental side of a human brain. They are best fir for the career as therapist where they can sit and talk and understand how the human psyche works.
 -Deepanwita Dey
She has always considered writing as the ultimate weapon to share every thought an individual amble through. For her writing is not just an activity it’s a motivation for the scarred mind. Pursuing Mass Communication in Amity University Kolkata she is diligently following her passion for the quill.


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