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“Don’t become too preoccupied with what is happening around you. Pay more attention to what is going on within you.”
How many times have we been accused of not knowing ourselves to the atom while we go on and about trying to estimate everyone else’s personality? Adjusting to our surrounding is the concept that is verified for a better form of living so we are always in this rat race of being insightful to understand other’s intentions towards us. But have we ever paused and let our thoughts wonder fronting our own character, its uniqueness against all the other beings? Have we ever raised the question of how to self-introspect? A certain time for self-introspection in our diurnal routine will not only assess the longevity in zeal and eagerness but will also help in eliminating the lack of self-confidence from within. Self- introspection can also lead to self-love which assures positive sustainability is practicality. This can be achieved with a few simple steps.

A clinically proven narcissistic was examined to be unhappy through some psychological test.  It is a common myth whirling that obsessively thinking about yourself can allow deeper knowledge about yourself. Wrong! Being a part of a heterogeneous society, we have learned to co-exist and at times knowing what you want can only be accomplished by knowing what other’s around can provide you. Self-awareness is the art of knowing what you what and to make sure you don’t compulsively acquire things that you don’t require but at the same time avoid individuals taking advantage of you. This form of self-introspection helps in creating a healthy balance between your space and the world around.
In difficult it gets more burdensome for us to cope with reality because we are constantly indulgence in wrong interrogation with ourselves. Self-blame and correction are a farfetched idea occurring to no individual in the initial stage of dealing with a disturbance. We tend to ask questions like “Why is this happening to me?” or “Why is everyone conspiring to do me wrong.?” If the answers are not affective maybe its time to change the question. Self-introspecting and interrogation should always be about yourself. Ask yourself where you went wrong what further goals can assess the rectification of the same.

Socializing and extraversion are excellent traits but at times in extreme noise the effectiveness of serenity and solitude is required in a human life. This might act as a difficult task sometimes due to shortage of time in a busy schedule or maybe lack of patience in an individual. But it can be achieved through many activities such as meditation, Yoga or exercise, cooking something you love or creative activities like reading or journaling. Self-introspection allows us to channel our thoughts into something positive in the stage of stress. Difficulties is what comprises our lives but when we are alone the soul task is to look after yourself. So, doing something passionate and soothing can allow distillation of negativity from mind and also help you discover more about yourself.

Something written has a better shelf value and can benefit in reflecting and repeating. Knowing your limits and comprehending your weakness can deliver you from committing the same mistakes. Documenting your learning experience or journaling your daily activities will provide you a deeper insight about your thoughts. Self-introspection can determine a better version for not only yourself but also for others surrounding you.

-Deepanwita Dey


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