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How to remove facial hair at home

Though men generally style their facial hair as a beard in different patterns but for women this matter is totally the opposite. Women develop these facial hairs due to higher than normal levels of androgen along with testosterone, and certain medical conditions can also be the reason for the production of high level of androgen. And, as everybody has different perspectives toward different things, some women cherish the facial hair growth whereas some are fed up of the same.

Many uses different razors to shave these facial hairs, but it’s always better to go all natural and use herbal products or ingredients. So, here’s a simple procedure to remove your unwanted facial hair:
The main ingredient required is Turmeric. Preferably use the unadulterated turmeric powder.
Step 1: Take 2 tbsps of turmeric powder in a bowl.
Step 2: Add required amount of water (same quantity as of the powder).
Step 3: Stir well to form a paste.
Step 4: Clean your face with your regular facewash and let your face dry naturally. 
Step 5: Apply that paste on your face as a mask and concentrate more on the parts containing the facial hairs you want to remove.
Step 6: Let it sit for few minutes and dry completely.
Step 7: Then, remove the mask with the help of a clean cloth dipped in warm water.
Step 8: Splash normal water to your face, which will help close the open pores of your skin.
That’s it. Simple, easy and helpful.
Continue applying this turmeric paste for 2-3 times a week regularly to get better results.

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Amity University Kolkata. 


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