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Don’t be sad for you can’t go to your favourite café to sip on your cold coffee, cause now you can maki it at home in just few minutes. Let’s see how!
“Cold Coffee Milkshake”

•    Instant coffee powder
•    Water
•    Milk
•    Cocoa powder
•    Powdered sugar
•    Ice cubes
•    Chocolate syrup
•    Whipped cream (optional)

See? So, less ingredients yet the resulting product from these would be tasting amazing!
So let’s move on to the procedure:
* Take 1 tsp instant coffee powder and add 1 tsp of water to it in a bowl.
* Mix them well so that no lumps exist and keep them aside.
* Next, take 1 cup cold milk and add the coffee mixture you made previously to it.
* And to it, add 1 tsp cocoa powder(optional), 2 tsp powdered sugar or according to your taste and 6 cubes of ice.
* Then. Blend into a frothy in a blender.
* Add chocolate syrup to the class in which you plan to have the cold coffee milkshake and pour the blended frothy you made in it. Add whipped cream and decorate as you want to and there you go. It’s done! Enjoy your favourite café like cold coffee at home.

-By Purbali Mandal
Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication,
Amity University Kolkata. 


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