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How T o Make Fruit Custard At home?

Who doesn’t love to have desserts! Almost all of us.
But at the same time, we are concerned about the high calorie intake from it. Though, when it comes to fruit custard you can have it without any hesitation and without caring about the intake of calorie, because, it is a low-calorie dessert and on the same hand also easy to make. And the best part is, in this dessert we can replace the regular sugar with an artificial sweetener. And, unlike other custards it also contains a lot of antioxidants due to the fruits present in it.
Here come two recipes to make your favourite custards:
•    Add 2 cups of milk in a pot and stir and boil, but make sure to not burn it.
•    On the other hand, take a pan, add 3tbsp of custard powder, ¼ th cup of cold milk, and stir well to have no lumps.
•    Then, add this mixture to the milk in the pot (keep stirring while pouring) and keep stirring to form a smooth mixture.
•    Next, add 1/4th cup of sugar in the mixture and stir well, till it turns creamy.
•    Then, keep it aside and let it cool.
•    On the other hand, take 3/4th cubes of mango in a blender and blend to smooth.
•    Then, add the mango pulp you just made into the mixture you kept to cool.
•    Whisk and mix keeping the consistency smooth.
•    Next add 3tbsp of pomegranate, 6 chopped grapes, 1/4th chopped apples, 3tbsp chopped mango, 2 tbsp chopped almonds, 2 tbsp chopped pistachios, 2 tbsp chopped cashew, 1/4th tsp cardamom powder and mix well.
•    Refrigerate for an hour and then serve chilled.

There you go, your creamy and tasty mango custard is ready.
•    Add 2 cups of milk in a pot, stir occasionally and let it boil on low-medium flame.
•    Meanwhile add 2 tbsp of custard powder and 3 tbsp of milk in a bowl and stir to have no lumps.
•    Add that mixture to the milk in the pot and turn off the flame.
•    Then, add 1/4th cup of sugar in it and then on low flame mix continuously until it changes colour and thickens up.
•    Then, transfer it to a bowl and let it cool completely.
•    After it has cooled down, add 1/4th cup of chopped green grapes, 1/4th cup of chopped red grapes, 1/4th cup of chopped banana, 1/4th cup of pomegranate, 1/4th cup of chopped mango, 1/4th cup of chopped apples, 1/4th tsp cardamom powder, and then mix well.
•    Refrigerate for 2 hours.
•    And, then it’s ready to serve.
Your thick and creamy mixed fruit custard is ready to enjoy!

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