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Have you had enough?

It is not ok.
It is not ok for you to shame someone.
It is not ok for you to discuss amongst other people.
It is not ok for you to take someone's no, for a yes.
It is not ok for you to rape.
Neither was it ever ok to spread explicit content in social groups.
The list has continued over ages and reached a stage where it continues to bring satisfaction to the weak, who think they can do what they want and what they like without getting caught. Legalising what they think is right and doing what they are good at, which is equal to nothing. For the past 10 years and more, rape cases have been on the rise. Yet, the number of people who are body shamed, slut shamed, sometimes asked to send pictures of themselves are still uncountable. Today, I speak about one such event that has been highlighted, but has been going on since 2016.

These group of boys came into the forefront a few days back. Talking about their body, let alone guys body shaming, they have even gone down to sharing nudes and semi nudes of women or girls, even planning to rape and become physical in every possible way. Girls have also participated by shaming their own gender and talking lowly about people, in this case, women, be it elder to them or younger.

My question to the people right now is, "Is this what it has come to? Haven't you had enough of it?"
It starts right from Nirbhaya coming down all the way to Priyanka Reddy last year.
You seem to not be afflicted.
You seem to do it at ease.
You seem to have fun.
You seem to be good at what you do.
You seem to not care.
Most importantly, you seem to continue, no matter how many times you have been told to stop.
"What is it with you? What is your problem? Do you lack self-love or is it just what you have been seeing since the time you grew up ?"
It does not matter as to who did it or which age did it. These incidents do not have an age barrier. Players making the victims participate in this show without a bit of fear, thinking they shall not be punished. Well, you shall repent for your loss. As these doings are not done in vain and never will.

Many a times, it is said that the ones who do, are the ones who don't get enough. You are supposed to be those who are educated enough to know what is right and what is wrong. To all the boys and girls who even thought of doing this, you fall under our age and less. Going to well-known colleges and schools, knowing the condition of society, you still did what you did.
I don't know how many of us have been disgusted by just the simple looks of strangers.
I don't know how many of us have been judged, even by our close ones for what we wear.
I don't know how many fears just a simple touch by an unknown.
I don't know how many will stop.
I don't know how many will continue.
I don't know whether we will be safe anymore.
"Was it always in you? Did you never try to change the way you think?"
Generations after generations, we, as a race have been told that men are superior to women. Trying to transform the outlook and behaviour is still a trend most of us as women follow. Continuing this fight, is it of any use? When not only men, but women too are equally involved. Going down the lane of objectifying the so-called, "not so worthy" and criticising the way they have been born… Tell me if you ever, even once, spoke to your family that way which consists of the same kind of people you shame outside!
You say you're worthy, I say you're not fit to be.
You say you're educated; I say you're yet to be.
You say you're an influencer, I say you're a hypocrite.
You say you're valued; I say you're yet to reach there.
You say you're well off, I say you are, only to the unfortunate ones like you.
When you say you're a feminist, I say you're joke.
Trusting your friends and sharing and posting remarks that are often considered as humour, isn't humour. Nowadays, when the world outside stays away from misogyny and chauvinism, you bring it back into our community only to spread anger and discontent amongst everyone.
A once safe and sound area where used to lie the humble beings of connection and emotions has now been considered a dungeon where the devil awaits you to be taken amidst the glory of shame and disgust.
"Can we trust?" "Can we not judge?" "Can we please STOP?"
When you fight for your own rights and want people to do the same, learn to stop and take a look at yourself and be sure about the kind of person you are. Most of you had even fought for the boys making groups, but what about you girls? What did you do? You did just the same. Amongst the abundance of privilege and elite and literate lies the abundance of shame and disgust and cheap as well. I always thought there was a thin line of difference between high and low. Later, did I realise it's all a myth in today's day and age where all are hidden masks of villains easily getting accepted by the crowd.
Remember; if you dislike, it's your personal opinion, but you can't expect others to go according to Your Highness!
But that definitely doesn't mean, you question others and disgrace them according to your own will and pleasure of satisfying your, "oh so messed up" mind.
So, here's a small note to all the boys and girls out there:
Don't ever think it is ok.
Don't ever think you're right when you're not.
Don't ever think you will get away with this.
Don't ever think it is a joke.
Don't ever think it does not matter.
Never ever think that it shall pass with time to come.

Here's to more of such incidents… If you want this to stop, please start and voice yourself to the world. Let yourself be known and help make a better tomorrow.
The thought lies within you, it's your chance. Either make it or break it.

-Namrata Dey
Amity University


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