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Fashion Trends 2020

This year has been the most difficult year for some people and maybe for others it's just the same excluding the Pandemic. Hey life moves on right. So, the most awaited time of the year for fashion lovers is the spring (February- march) because a lot of fashion events like Paris fashion week and Milan fashion weeks are held in these months.

Before the worldwide covid lockdown could hit the major countries. Some of the important fashion shows and events were held which gave us the glimpses of what the 2020 fashion trends are all about and the pop culture itself has influenced some of these trends. And more than that the whole quarantine situation is also bringing in the difference in trends that we can further expect to see in our near future. So here are some of the fashion Trends We might be following this year.

EARTHY COLOURS FOR WOMEN FASHION has been chosen for this year's colour themes. Colours like olive green, ocean blue, sea green, muddy brown and many more shades are used for this year's clothing. These shades are called earthy colours because these shades are easily found in nature and blend well with humans. For women's clothing this year is more about comfort and cozy themed. With baggy and oversized clothing.
Tip: You can buy an olive-green cargo pant for a change. It goes well with any shades of light colour and makes the top colour pop more.
FOR MEN'S CLOTHING IT ALL ABOUT PASTELS. Pastels are often associated with smooth and aesthetic looks compared to previous years Trends it was bright and bold colours. So, this year's trends focus on the softening of men's clothing and look into more sophisticated and fantasy types. One more thing that was noticed this year was the use of silk in men's collections. Silk is usually used for fancy wear for men's clothing but this year it was intertwined with more casual looks.
No matter what your outfit costs, a little bit of accessories makes your look more expansive. Don't overdo it but experimenting with few won't harm
This year's FASHION TREND FOR MEN is piercing. If you have piercings on your nose, ears, lips or eyebrows. God! You will be looked up to this year. With increase in engagement with the kpop community. The west world is ready to acknowledge some of the old kpop styles as their own. And one of those is the dangly ear piercing. It makes your whole look chicer and rebel without a cause.
On the other hand, for WOMEN'S FASHION TREND the type of accessories is colorful and large size. It can make any of your boring outfits look expensive with it being in the Focus. Since the year's colours are on the earthy side which can be pale and dull sometimes. A little pop of colour from your accessories with Definitely make it look livelier. And don't hesitate to layer your accessories. It's in trend ladies.
In the middle of Pandemic everyone's experimenting something new. And the fact that we all are in quarantine makes it a great opportunity to experiment and look at ourselves without feeling embarrassed if we regret it later.
So here women are trying out short hairstyles for the moment and see if they suit them or not. Bob cuts and pixie cuts are getting popular this year. And funnily they ain't getting them cut at any famous salon in the town but at their own homes with their own hands. The DIY haircuts are becoming an emerging trend in fashion for now. By the time this quarantine is over we must have mastered the art of grooming ourselves. Beauty salon who?
On the other hand, men's fashion trend is focusing on growing out their hair. Both the hair on the head and on the face. Gentlemen! let your luscious hair down please. You can always experience the long hair and see if it suits you or not. And even if it doesn't. Who's going to see you. So, try out the different hairstyles this year. A man bun sounds exotic though. Bushy beards are also gonna end up in this year's trend. Casual makeup to no makeup looks are preferred for this era but "only lipstick" is a thing right now.
This one out here is exactly what the world of fashion needed. CROPTOPS FOR MEN. It's time for equality right. If the queens can flaunt their cute torsos then why not the kings too. Again, inspired by K-pop culture. Where men wore the crop tops to normalize the unisex style of clothing like make up and jewellery. Crop top is just another revolution for them. Plus, they are really comfy for Summer days. Isn't it? Well for makeup, I am glad to see " only women wear makeup" is changing and the men are also giving it a go. Not a whole face makeup is a thing at the moment for men but some lip tint and blush sounds a good start.
Men do look the best in suits no doubt in that but WOMEN IN SUITS casual wear is what I live for. I mean girls you slay in those two pieces looking all professionals yet the casual selfs. The casual suits can go for any semi-formal events or just where you need to make your statement clear. These suits give you not only a professional and intimidating look but at the same time it defines the feminine type and the fact that you don't have to copy men to stand equal to them. Take reference but work your own ways. Empowering isn't it?
So, these were some of the fres tends We will be seeing a lot in 2020 and you can get inspired by these Trends and creative something that makes you comfortable to pull off.

- Durgesh Nandini Naik


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