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To all the sci-fi fans parallel universe or the parallel world has always been a fantasy. Thousands of queries and different thoughts comes to our mind when we see or hear about parallel world. Who lives there? Does time run backwards there? Are the same people like us present there? Is it a really a mirror world? How to go there? Is there a entry directly from this world to that world? What is that entry breaks and both the world / universe merges? A dream place to explore and know about. And, there has been a lot of experiments or research to find about this universe and if it really exists other than just in sci-fi movies and serials.
So, recently this respected “New Scientist” magazine published a feature on April 8, discussing some anomalous results coming from neutrino detection experiments in Antarctica. And these could mean, for a speculative cosmological model that posits that an antimatter universe does exists extending backwards from the Big Bang. So, as reported, the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) experiment, which is a high altitude helium balloon with an array of radio antennas, partially funded by NASA- has spotted a handful of instances of what seems to be highly energetic neutrinos coming through Earth.
So, you may now wonder that why is it weird? Or how does it prove that there’s another universe extending from ours?
Now, that’s because – Neutrinos are ‘ghostly’ fundamental particles that flow through everything, barely interacting with normal matter, which, makes them exceedingly hard to detect. But, when produced by powerfully explosive objects in the Universe, neutrinos can gain such ultrahigh energies and they become more likely to interact with normal stuff!
ANITA, flying high above the icy continent, is designed to detect signals of secondary particle showers produced as high energy neutrinos smash into ice. But, such neutrinos are supposed to come from depths of cosmos and not Earth, since the chances are good that they would have smacked into something else before getting all the way through our planet.
As per the principal investigator of ANITA, Gorham, “we have encountered a small number of anomalies in our data, and once we have exhausted all of the possible explanations within the Standard Model of physics, only then is it time to consider other ideas, that push those boundaries- we are really not there yet, certainly not at the point where parallel universes are necessary”.
The results from the check on ANITA detections using IceCube concludes with phrases like “inconsistent with a cosmogenic interpretation” and “new physics”.
So, here’s what is a correct conclusion as of now, they do not where these signals came from and these high-energy neutrinos necessarily is not from a “parallel universe”. All these evidences are not strong “enough” to prove the existence of the mirror world, and so I guess we all will have to wait for more researches by the scientists to know and be sure of the existence of  our fantasy land.

Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication,
Amity University Kolkata.


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