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Do you know everything about OCD?

Do you think washing hands several times and doing things till you achieve perfection is all about being OCD? We often relate being too much of a clean freak makes someone OCD. We often joke about it too but that's not what it is!
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OCD stands for obsessive compulsive disorder not obsessive cleaning disorder. Whoever told you the later one was fool enough to say that. Yes, there is a subpart called as obsessive cleaning disorder to actual OCD. So, don't mistake it as the same.

Obsessive compulsive disorder can be defined as "Excessive thoughts (obsessions) that lead to repetitive behaviours (compulsions). Obsessive-compulsive disorder is characterised by unreasonable thoughts and fears (obsessions) that lead to compulsive behaviours." (Google)

People experience unwanted and repetitive thoughts or ideas or sensations that can lead to them checking and repeating the action over and over again. People suffering from OCD can face obstruction and intervention in their daily activities. OCD People go through unwanted routines of work that take an Extra minute to do that the other normal people save.

What causes OCD is still unknown but it can develop in any age from a child to an old person. Anyone can have OCD.
Usually it has two kind
1. Fear of something
2. Visual satisfaction
Both of These are very contradictory to each other. Either OCD people fear of something happening if they don't do it right like getting sick or consequence for not being cautious or it can be like the symmetry or aesthetically pleasing visuals In Front of them. They want to see everything in perfect condition and position which gives them a satisfying vibe from it.

The symptoms of OCD are
1. Cleaning
This is where the cleanliness joke comes in. People with OCD, which is the obsessive Cleaning disorder, keeps Cleaning the parts they think that they forgot to clean or have germs that can affect their health.
2. Repeating
Some people keep repeating their actions like closing the doors or keeping the things in their palaces but repeatedly until they are satisfied by the way of keeping, closing or opening them or the position of the item.
3. Checking.
Have you walked out of the door and locked it and you went all the way to a good distance when it strikes you a thought that you haven't locked the door or can't remember locking it behind you? Well, that is the most common symptom of OCD. It's not as serious but one of the natural in-built OCD habits of humans. Many people don't experience it and that's ok.
Checking things till satisfaction is also a symptom.
4. Intrusive thoughts.
It's mostly overthinking and having hostile thoughts like what if someone will break into the house or what if something bad will happen to them. It's always the exaggerated version of negative thoughts.

There is no specific medication for it but OCD when becomes extreme for the person can experience dysfunction of daily activities. It can also lead to anxiety or depression. Thus, antidepressants in lower doses are prescribed and psychotherapy can lower the severity of the OCD.

The obsessive and repetitive Nature of doing everything makes OCD worse. People with OCD tend to overthink everything that can cause problems to fellow people. The overthinking and the exaggerated consequences that are predicted can cause obstruction to the Normal everyday activities. Normally it doesn't harm anybody but it does irritate fellow People. Like it's said the person won't know the pain of others unless they experience it themselves. So instead of making fun of people suffering from OCD. Try to understand them and their problems.
It's not as harmful as other mental disorders. It does create some obstruction which can delay the activities but it's totally fine. OCDs symptoms like Cleaning and checking can actually help people for a better and safer environment. To always keep the area and the space of living clean and the everyday things that have higher risk of contamination chances. Cleaning disorders can actually save a life and the same goes for checking. As humans we are always in a rush of doing things that can make us forget certain activities. To check repeatedly can actually help us to ensure safety and prevent one from certain mishap to happen.

-Durgesh Nandini Naik


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