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Cursed is this year 2020

With the number of devastating destruction that have already taken place. This year has proven to be unlucky to most of us. Starting with the very well-known virus. The coronavirus most commonly known as, Covid19. The deadly virus that started spreading in Wuhan that is located in China and by March of 2020, it had spread to numerous places around the globe. With the victims increasing to over a million in a short span of 4 months, there's a thin ray of hope things should be controlled by the end of this year at least. Starting with a mere throat ache to increasing fever and cold and cough. If any of these symptoms are found; please get yourself checked. As a result of this virus spreading, the entire world has come to a standstill and a lockdown state of living. Really sad to see the downfall globally.

Not only have we faced loss of lives this year, but due to the lockdown, India has faced a huge downfall in the economy. The massive hit of loss that we have had to suffer, rising up will be a greater task than falling down. From vegetables to clothes, to general necessities, prices have increased by ₹5 each. A shocking day and age to be living in!

Following this short span of time. A survey conducted by Save Life Foundation shows that at least 196 migrant workers have been killed in road accidents. Since 25th of March, during the same period of time, 601 people lost their lives in 1346 accidents. The survey has also mentioned that 866 of them have been injured. This is a clear understanding of how terrible the condition of the roads is despite the lockdown. In addition to migrant workers, 35 essential workers have also lost their lives in road crashes. 31 were injured in these accidents.

On 20th May, the day West Bengal was warned about the Super Cyclone going to hit us. Not only did the wind blow at a speed of 200-230 km/h, but over 5000 trees were broken, over 5000 people are homeless within a few seconds of this cyclone and over 20 people have lost lives, this includes cattle and poultry as well. Though, there are many more reports that haven't updated the numbers of people and animals dying, but the fact that there are many left without food and shelter is something to worry about. Some of the districts and parts of Bengal have witnessed over 24 hours of no electricity and water. I hope Bengal heals soon given these times and situations!

Another disaster that took place in Pakistan, happened just two days after the devastation of Bengal. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) crashed in a residential area of Karachi. The National flag carriers' PK-8303 tragedy, 97 people were killed and two survived miraculously. It has been declared as one of the most catastrophic aviation disasters in the history of their country. The report also said that the pilot had ignored three warnings from the air traffic controllers about the aircraft's altitude and speed. He said he was going to be able to manage the situation that resulted in the loss of so many lives. It was an airbus A-320 flying from Lahore to Karachi. 15 nautical miles from Jinnah International Airport, flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet above the ground, instead of 7000, when the Air Traffic Control (ATC) gave its first warning of lowering the altitude.

As if the food supply distortions, scarcity of farm labor and economic downfall wasn't enough, that during the lockdown of CoVid'19 Indian farmers have another situation to battle. Invading armies of locusts have said to be posing a threat lately to the farming community. These locusts have resulted in crop devastation, jeopardized food and economic security of arid and semi-arid regions that include agricultural powerhouses as well. Locusts have been sighted in India's border states of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh. The farmer's concerns are increasing as the sowing period for kharif or monsoon crops like, rice, maize, millet, pulses, soybean and groundnut take place in June.

This year has been nothing, but bad luck for everyone combined. Deaths, downfall, high expenses, no food, no shelter, nothing. Though, they do say, that every ten years down the line, something or the other happens worldwide. Guess, the time is now. Let us hold on and stay strong! This isn't the end. We shall heal sooner or later…

-Namrata Dey


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