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Colour or Black and White?

The perspective of vision can take you a long way when it comes to citing surroundings in their various forms. What the ordinaire cannot do, is fulfilled by the extraordinaire.
These colours are generally based on emotions. A connection felt with the subconscious yet to be revealed. The emotions that are expressed through art. Some of these expressed shall be taken a look at: -
What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet
~ Shakespeare

As simple as a rose. The emotions are very contradictory when it comes to two such shades of life. A mere flower can look droopy for that which can bloom in colour. For one chooses to be with their comfortable aspects rather than reaching out, to a bilateral world!
Lonely, as most like to call it. Pop up art can make the original look a lot more happening or dull. These pretentious purposeful pictures with a hint of giving hope is the latest trend that brings out the aesthetic YOU. Applying the above in real life, even the wishful can gain. To all the newbie photographers out there, if you haven't tried it as yet, what are you waiting for?
Pridefully walking your way through dignity with acceptance… It's a month that brought togetherness and hope and joy. Hearts of those who were yet to be considered like US. Took a long time though, but the positivity these colours brought worldwide for all and continue to bring shows the true essence of love and happy. Otherwise also known as the rainbow, where all colours come together to form an arc while the clouds shower rain and the sun shines bright. All colours sole fully enjoying with black giving the background an effect that conveys with every Positivity lies negativity as well. Either way, don't lose hope!
The eeriest of a combination ever. A soulful delight for most. What might seem like the best is the unknown. The soaring heights with a motion captured of life on ground and a lonely balloon seller sharing contentment. Quite the opposites indeed! Becoming one and making a moment is always a part of life. The contemporary succeeds the connections while replicas have no say in this. After all, life is, when you add a bit of colour to everything around you, aren’t it?
Intensities of shades, brings out the best from any part of life or the dead. The power of capture with candids fitting in just right. These spheres of the cycle of life, as we call it, has a lot to put forth in the dark and gloomy times… Making your day cheerful and gay has its way of charming the sad to leave and pave the way for entering a happening life. Gather your thoughts and let a splash of these shades make your day!
Black and white, when portrayed, shows the darkest of taboos that many don't want to indulge in. Sorrow, pain, agony, misery, death, shame and it continues with the never-ending hurtful description of crime or illegal abundance of indulging in the wrong. This moment speaking of violence continues till date in every corner of the globe! With the part of red used, hinting to STOP. Another way of communicating with people by using a single colour with black and white, just to express exact emotions. Most of the people leave an open end to many pictures. This is one such example, where you communicate just exactly that part and nothing more or nothing less.
Be it joy or sorrow, sad or happy, life or death… Expressions and emotions work hand in hand. That which you want to show, you show. The beauty lies behind the facade of pretention. Life as we see it and life as we know are untold. It is always a bit of both that makes one whole. You see what you want to and do exactly what you wish to do. The intensity being no less than what you thought before. The power lies within you to make the difference and go beyond the barriers of the obvious.
Terminating does not help and ignoring the feeling of bliss within this circle is a continuous, on-going process, until you travel into the wishful.

What's your say in this, what do you pick?

-Namrata Dey


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