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Army is not merely a profession which earns means for living. It is, for many proud citizens of this great country, a way of life baptized to this profession. Eternal force, sometimes without quest of logic, drives into this profession. In army parlance, ‘DO YOU HAVE IN YOU’ is a slogan delves to catch one who has. Government of India has given responsibility to the Indian Armed Forces to defend sovereignty and territorial integrity of the nation. The Supreme Command of the Indian Armed Forces vests in the President of Republic of India. The profession earns the privilege of serving directly under the national flag.

Indian Army gained its identity and operational effectiveness right after the independence from British. Today, it is the second largest standing army in the world. Since Independence, army holds its ground against all threats till today. Laurels and feathers added to its cap and proved its mantle every time to service to nation.

Army offers exciting spectrum of opportunities and challenges. It offers the privilege of commanding a body of troops, and attempting to do things which are beyond normal to an ordinary person. It teaches to live life with pride. Live by chance, love by choice and kill by profession, is a mantra adopted by every person serving the organization.

There are different gateways to join army as a commission officer. It will be discussed in succeeding paragraphs.
National Defence Academy, Pune:  Prestigious institution of training cadets of tri services, army, navy and air force. Cadet joins NDA after 10+2 from any stream for army cadet, and for navy and air force cadet needs to study physic and math in 10+2. Any unmarried male Indian candidate of age between sixteen and half to nineteen and half can apply. Entrance examination for NDA is conducted by UPSC twice a year in the month of April and September. Candidates who cleared written test appear for SSB Interview and followed by medical examination. After a successful completion of 3 year of training at NDA, cadets of different services undergo one year to one and half year of training at different services training institutions – Indian Military Academy, Air Force Academy and Indian Naval Academy.

Indian Military Academy (IMA), Dehradun: Admission into this premier institution is through Combined Defence Service Examination conducted by UPSC twice a year in the months of November and February. Submission of application takes place in the months of May – June and October – November respectively. An unmarried male Indian of age between 19 year to 24 year and is in final year or passed graduation can apply. Selection procedure is based on written test, personality test, SSB Interview and medical examination. Duration of training is from one year to one and half year for cadets from NDA and Direct Entry respectively.

Being a premier training institution of army, IMA also conducts training for different entry schemes into army.
    a. University Entry Scheme: Any unmarried male Indian citizen of age between 18 year         to 24 year and is in pre final year of B Tech Degree (III years) can apply. No written test is     conducted under the scheme, but interview will be held between Jan to March every     year. Training will be held at IMA for the duration of one year.
    b. Technical Graduate Course (ENGRS): Any unmarried Indian citizen of age 20 year to     27 year and is in final year or passed BE/B Tech Egg/ B.Arch./M.Sc. Computer can apply     twice a year in the month of April – May and October to November. Selection will be      based on cut off percentage in degree. Candidate will appear in SSB Interview     directly. Training will be held     at IMA for the period of 1 year.   
    c.     Technical Graduate Course (AEC): Any married /unmarried male Indian citizen of     age     between 23 year to 27 year and passed MA/ MSc/ M.Com/ MCA/ MBA in 1st     & 2nd Division  can apply twice a year in April – May and October – November. Selection         will be on the     basis of percentage of mark in degree. SSB Interview will be held in the     month of Mar – April and September – October every year. Training will be held in     IMA for 1 year.

Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai: The premier institution of Indian army imparts training for Short Service Officers and Short Service Women Officers. Any unmarried male / women of Indian citizen and is in final year or passed graduation can apply twice a year in the months of July – September and November – January. Written examination is conducted by UPSC under CDS examination twice a year in September and February. Successful candidates will undergo SSB Interview and medical examination. Training period is of 49 weeks at OTA.

Besides main entries as discussed above into army, there are others entries for intake of different specialized candidates into army viz. Technical entry scheme (10+2), Technical (SSC/ SSCW), NCC Entry, Judge Advocate General (JAG), Army Medical Corps, Army Dental Corps and Remount Veterinary Corps. Territorial Army (TA) is another avenue where volunteers’ professionals can serve in the army for designated period. Government is contemplating to introduce three years volunteer service in army.  It’s an opportunity for every citizen of this country to serve the motherland.




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