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Black Lives Matter

After watching at least one Hollywood movie We must have had that " oh I wish I was born in America '' thought. As Indian we always dream of going to foreign and living there for a while because they are too tired of our country's scenario. Crowded and uncivilised right? Don't deny it. We all have this in our mind once in a while. If we're given a ticket abroad, we will leave our country in a heartbeat.

Alas! Everything afar looks beautiful. If only we knew the truth of these Countries, we dream to be part of. The sad truth of America is Racism. To be honest, which country is not racist anymore. Western people are racist to middle Eastern and Asian people. In Asia, Southern Asian are racists for eastern and south eastern Asian and vice versa. We all are racist at some point but the level toxicity regarding skin colour in America is on another level.

Last Monday, George Floyd a 46-year-old African American man was killed by a white police officer while he was restrained by police. The video of the whole event went viral where it was seen that the police officer Derek Chauvin kneeled on George's neck to pin him to the ground for 8 minutes till, he was unresponsive. George even pleaded, quoting "I can't breathe" minutes before he passed Away making it his last words.

The death of George Floyd resulted in a violent unrest in the city with thousands of people protesting against the racism which followed up to horrible events like racially driven- police brutality. The protester burned down the building and cars to show their anger and more damages were reported to public property. No casualties reported.

George was pulled over with a parking ticket when he gave a fake $20 bill. Finding out the fake bill made the 4 officers in a patrolling van pull him out of his vehicle and to pin him down to ground. People nearby witnessed the event take place and even saw Derek (one of the officers) kneel on George's neck. The civilian pleaded to loosen up the hold and pin him Normally like a Human but the officer didn't Listen. Even one of the fellow officers pleaded to move position but Derek ordered to be in the same position until George stopped breathing. This isn't the first case of police brutality reported in America. The hate crime is at it's to peak thanks to the white supremacist and their leader Donald Trump.

It is shameful to realize that In the Modern era of today. People are hated and disrespected for their skin colour and ethnicity. Even today people of colour are looked down as slaves, thugs, and terrorists. What these white supremacists failed to see is why such people are taking the risk of their own lives to become bad guy for the society. Years of suppression and stereotyping the black people as thugs involved with drugs and guns and gangs. Brown people looked down as uncivilised humans of society regardless of their position in society and mocking of eastern Asian people from Korean Vietnamese, Japan and China and many others as illegal immigrants and blame them for the white people's employment. These are the reasons why believers of white supremacy still exist. And all these people together voted another racist person to become the leader of the country. The cherry on the top.

It is concerning for people of colour residing in that country and as a fellow brown person I know what is the ugly truth of the world's strongest Country. I might not be a citizen but my fellow brown people who live there have often told me incidents they have faced due to Racism and how it is worse for the black people. And the Racism becomes worse when the protectors of society, the police, become the murderers. Crime is natural to exist in society but treating the criminals differently and alleging innocent people as criminals. The fact that these police officers assume that all black people are threatening even if they are unarmed where as if it was a white person, they would have been left unharmed with just a ticket. Black people are often threatened by white supremacist by calling cops on them because they know how racially driven police brutality is. Not just that but false accusations and taken in consideration without an investigation because the accused person is black. When in such stances where emergency helpline is called up reporting crime. They ask about the skin colour of criminals which is quite offensive in general. As time passes Racism is normalizing in our society.

Every now and then these "Karens" are thinking that offending people of colour is ok while feeding off their culture and their service. Delusional supremacy is reaching the level they can't differentiate their actions into right or wrong.

Therefore, it's time we take action and fight for what's right before more people of colour die because their skin colour isn't white. Stand against racism no matter what ethnicity you belong to. Racism is not right or a joke anymore. It's coasting the lives of innocent men, women and children.

-Durgesh Nandini Naik


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