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Our Anxiety does not come from thinking about the future, but from wanting to control it.
The acceleration of heart beats, the excess precipitation. Difficult to accomplish task as simple as breathing. All these doesn’t accent melody but passes discomfort in our body. We cannot fathom the thought of rendering all the above and the mere comprehension of actually facing it can terrify any individual. Anxiety is not a simple term; the layers are complicated. Decoding every stress to its core and mentally apprehending the pessimistic thought of something bustling to its demise can be tiring. Anxiety patients are desperate to perceive every tiny detail of their future because the unknown frightens them. Its not curiosity but the verity which is constantly mulling over their brains that the lack of control will allegedly turn everything haywire.

Anxiety is uncalled and its not just a simple disturbance but a serious distraction towards the path of potential for an individual. Risk taking is an important part of any success but the trivial thought of implementation for the anxiety patient can be a cause of extreme agony. In some intensified cases minor panic attacks can act as a diurnal hinderance for the individual. It is rather imperative to mention the very advise of calming down is the worse counsel one could provide. The body temperature drops with the advancing of the situation, at such instance the person requires comfort and warmth. Probably a slight rubbing on the hands, a thin comforter around along with some warm milk can endorse the situation towards betterment way more than some insignificant talk.

Nothing calls out as an horrific position more than dealing with an anxiety attack all by yourself. The remembrance of the soul fact that every individual is self sufficient enough can assist the remedy to its best.
1. Concentrate on the Breathing: Distracting your mind from the obvious is the most crucial guidance. There are set patterns formulated for anxiety patients to detract the malign chain of thoughts. 2,4,4,2 or the breath and the reverse count are some affective prescribe. The simple ritual is to breathe once and count from 100 in reverse [100...99...88...]. Initially your thoughts will wonder their way back but if you remain persisted it can help in eliminating them.
2. Meditation: Sounds a task of extreme difficulty I suppose? But closing your eyes and taking deep breathes can allow you to automatically calm the senses. The act of meditation can allow the divergence of increased heart rate and minimalize it to normal. If you are facing adversity in respiration using an inhale can be a final attempt. The utilization of medicine can prove beneficial in certain period.
3. Writing the thoughts down: At instances utter confusion and lack of knowledge can lead to extreme stress. Jotting down the points on a piece of paper can not only disparity from your mind to the current state but also allow you to know the exact source of stress and work upon it accordingly.

- Deepanwita Dey


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