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5 Types of Journals You Can Start Keeping Today

Have you run out of ideas of what to do in this Quarantine break? trust me I have a run out of everything to do in this last moment emergency break. I have been constantly Reading articles and searching all over the internet about what I can do in a house with limited and available supplies. I have tried cooking, accepted every possible kind of challenge of interest, I tried learning an instrument which I failed miserably and I also illegally downloaded some PDFs of the latest popular books(sorry). Now we are in lockdown 4 and slowly steadily it looks like we are running out of things to do or maybe at this point we are too bored.
So, I came across a very simple and easy thing to do that doesn't require anything more than a pen and paper and maybe some colours. I know there must be some colour pencil or sketch pens laying around in your house. Don't lie, I know it's there somewhere.

I am talking about journaling. It’s the same as diary keeping but more attractive and creative. It's more decorative and colourful according to the type and theme you choose to maintain. There are different kinds of journals you can keep. Some some of the types are
1.    Art Journal
My favourite kind! This kind of journal's main theme is ART itself. You can draw, paint or sketch your thoughts out. It's the same as writing but in the form of art. You can use monochrome or rainbow colours themes. You can draw your own imagination or things you find around yourself or on the internet. It can be anything you like. At the end you will find out that the thing you made somehow reflects your mind but in an art form. You can get as creative with the way you wanna paint or draw. It can be simplistic or extra detailed. And for god' sake you don't have to be Picasso to Paint or draw. Just be you and make whatever you want!
2.    Photo Journal
These kinds of journal's main theme are photos. You can take pictures like self-clicked or someone else's photo to describe your mood. It's like a mood board. I understand that not many people have printers at home. I am one of them too but what you can alternatively use is pictures from here and there. You can cut out pictures from magazines, old books, newspapers and stuff laying around that nobody is using. Some people like to collect paper cutouts, the same way. For example, it's like you can take pictures of things you did all day and print out pictures and give a little caption. Or take a newspaper, find pictures related to your theme and cut them out and stick it to the journal and maybe add a little more to it.
At the end of the journal you will end up with a cute photo album too.
3.    Me Journal
I don't know if it's called that but this kind of journal is a kind journal where you can track your betterment both mental and physically. You can simply make a page with a calendar of what your mood has been lately or how much water you have been drinking in the past month. You can track your Health and mental state with it too. It's good to have a Me journal and see the advancement you made for yourself.
4.    Bullet Journal
It's called bullet Journal because you write things with bullet points more like to make a list. These are kind of Journal which is basically like list of things you like or dislikes, things you saw or want to see, bucket list or just a list of things you wanna achieve in 1 month. It will help you to see clearly what you want from your life and your goals and achievements you are aiming for. This Journal helps you to satisfy and make you feel accomplished. Like a simple to do list can help you encourage you to do more things.
5.    Mixed Journal
It basically mixes all of the above-mentioned journals. Every page has its own theme and you can add in a few things. It's for a person who doesn't like to keep different diaries. It's an all in one Journal. These are easy to maintain and good for beginners who don't know which theme to follow or how to follow. It will help you gain some experience in Journal making and find your type.
These are the top 5 types of Journal that you can make with the least amount of supplies and low budget. And it's also helpful for people who aren't expressive. This will Definitely help you to let out your emotions but in a creative way. And hey at the end of the day you will end up with a hobby.
Amazing, isn't it?

Let's try one today !

-Durgesh Nandini naik


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