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Never let a bad situation bring out the worse in you. Be strong and choose to be positive
Out of every emotion, happiness is the most surreal to endure, we are always expecting something bad to occur when our mind is occupied with happy thoughts considering it to be a fallacy created in life. You know the quietness before the storm. Our immediate apprehension is why am I so happy? It is too good to be true. Make us wonder something as simple yet important like feeling happiness can lead to extreme panic of the unknown and why do we always assume that sadness is what only follows joy. Let me pronounce the words, Happiness is a choice of an individual and not a factor of fright and yes you can feel contentment with a blast of sunlit optimism without being scared. Downfalls is what makes out life and polishes us to be strong individuals, it is how we conceive the hardships and embrace our mistakes rather that resenting it because they are our biggest teachers.
As we all know that the government has decided to increase the lockdown so staying positive is especially essential during this pandemic. Scripted down are a fifteen day towards positivity challenge describing 15 different activities that should be conducted each day for a healthy, happy and positive lifestyle.
1. WAKE UP EARLY: It is not going to come in a flashlight but a small practise of waking up 30 minutes early each day from your current time during this quarantine can make a huge difference and will leave you feel fresh like the early morning sun.
2. READ A GOOD BOOK: Somewhere with the generation we are losing this incredible habit. The bliss of finishing a good book is beyond explanation and should be experienced during your time of solitude.
3. WRITE DOWN YOUR FEEINGS: Confusion can be frustrating but a very effective step is to maintain a journal where you just write the emotions you endured that particular day. Also works as a good thing to look back.
4. WEAR YOUR FAVOURITE OUTFIT: The lockdown is bringing the worse out of everyone and we might have difficulty to comprehend what we should do next so why not be the best version of yourself by feeling a little more beautiful. Wear your favourite outfit and attire yourself with some glam.
5. WATCH A MOVIE THAT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH: When was the last time you laughed so intolerably that it was difficult to breathe. Well if it has been long then stream that favourite comedy movie and just have a good laugh.
6. PAMPER YOURSELF: I know the beauty saloons are all locked but pampering yourself doesn’t need expensive professional products. Put on a face mask and paint your nails and feel good about yourself because you deserve it.
7. TAKE A BATH WITH ESSENCIAL OILS: The aroma of essential oil on your clean body will feel divine a will also eliminate any form of anxiety you have been feeling. It will help you enhance your skin quality and at the same time help you have a sound sleep.
8. COOK YOURSELF A HEALTHY BREAKFAST: Cooking for yourself is extremely therapeutic and also a great way to cut down boredom. If you cook something healthy a yet a tasty breakfast it will help you jump start the day with energy.
9. PUT ON NEW CLEAN BEDSHEETS: There is nothing more pleasure providing that lying down on clean bedsheet that smell fresh. Changing your bedsheet and cleaning up your room will allow a peaceful ambience to live in.
10. FIND A NEW JAM: Music is a natural painkiller and instantly alters    your brain to think something positive so scroll through some playlist and find a new song that you can blast aloud and dance on like no one is watching.
11. DO THINGS FOR YOURSELF: We waste 60% of or life trying to please others but, on this day, do something for yourself and yes it can surely be something necessarily approved by others but always remember it will make you happy.
12. FILL IN A COLOURING BOOK: Just rejuvenate the kid in you and colour in a colouring book and yes, the colours can totally swift out of line because there are no rules here. 
13. LOOK AT THE MIRROR AND LIST FASCINATING THINGS YOU LOVE ABOUT YOUR BODY: Self-love is difficult but can be achieved with a little nudge from yourself. This day stand in front of the mirror and just enlist things you feel are about yourself.
14. SAY POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS TO YOURSELF ONCE YOU WAKE UP: Wake up early one day and while enjoying the subtle morning sun just say positive encouraging words to yourself. Self -motivation is an art and if acquired no one can bring you down.
15. HAVE A DAY DIGITAL DETOX: I know it’s a difficult task but for this day just keep your phone aside and in mute enjoying 24 hours without the radiation of your phone and endless scrolling through social media.

- Deepanwita Dey


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