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10 things that require no talent

All the time, we have a habit of equating success with talent. What we often forget is that, not always does it connect with only talent. The way we see talent become unpopular and infamous, in the very same way underdogs overachieve at times. Let's take a look at the few of those mannerisms that require no talent whatsoever yet have a huge impact on success;

Firstly, BEING ON TIME! Punctuality being the key motive for you to get something done or go through less strenuous work and complete it the sooner the better. Does not require much effort, just maintain a proper sleeping and eating cycle and your work's done there …

ETHICS IN WORK The discipline of showing up regularly. Making some of the best decisions of your life. These points lead you to the peak of your performance. Then you are an all-rounder already! Actor, Aamir Khan, wouldn't be otherwise what he is today.

The next most important point is EFFORT It isn't the outcome that matters, it's always the hard work, strength, knowledge and work you put in to make something happen. In the early years of Actor, Amitabh Bachchan having started out in the film industry, he gained hardly any hits. He still strived towards working every day until he reached the level he is in now. You make things happen, only if you want it to.

BODY LANGUAGE has always been considered the path of being comfortable, confident and capable. Your gestures and speaking skills take you a long way in life, if you've got the knack to be a people's person. There's a way of knowing and doing everything you think you can't. Get to know it before it's too late!

The other part of gaining success is having the ENERGY to do everything required of you. Always remember to strive for the best, you need to walk that extra mile. Get out of your comfort zone to know your capabilities of energising yourself to the fullest.

Having ATTITUDE keeps your competitors warned of the level at which you can go, if you want to. To keep them threatened by you, is also another way of gaining confidence, not only with yourself, but outsiders as well. At the end of the day, your personality traits and characteristics matter a tad bit if not more.

Being PASSIONATE takes you way ahead in life. Often acts as a barrier to reach the peak of performance. Having compassion and doing things with love and care is also another way of reaching your goal.

When you BECOME COACHABLE, that's when you know you can do everything. Anyone can become a better listener, from what they already are. Learn from the feedback given to you and embrace the success of others. Understand what each one has to offer.

The art of DOING EXTRA works all the time. If you can do 10 push-ups for two weeks, increase it a 10 more every other week. To gain muscles, isn't that how you push yourself to lift more and exercise more? Well, applying it in the success strategy, works the very same way. You always tend to work a little more than before to gain attention from your head and get encouraged to do more with positive feedbacks and a secured life to look forward to.

Lastly, BE PREPARED for literally, anything. Only you can give yourself the time and space to be as ready as you can be. As they say, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

-Namrata Dey


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