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10 simple things that will make you happy

With our work pressure. Studying from home. Assignments that are never ending. Try finding time for yourself. It's a way to live yourself even more than how much you already do. Here are a few things you could do, that will increase the happiness quotient in your life:

Exercise - "The Seven Minute" workout indeed is quite helpful. Loosening up and working that extra muscle to feel good and sweat it out, does make one more confident and fit inside and out. It's very similar to meditation and yoga. Releases mental stress and pressure only to make you feel good about it.

Sleep - They say the more you sleep, the less sensitive you'll be to negative emotions. Overthinking, throwing a tantrum, becoming cranky and over-excessing everything in your life will be of no use unless you get a grip and sleep it off. 8 hours of sleep a day, no matter how much we tend to disagree with, is something most of us should indulge in. Keeps you functioning in the healthiest way possible.

Moving closer to your workplace - Generally what we don't understand is the fact that our work consists of having to commute 5-6 times in a week. The travel can often tire us out before reaching our work station, hence making us lackadaisical the entire day. What could help us throughout the day is to consider staying next to the place of work, in order to avoid such mishaps causing us to be less and less happy.

Spend time with your family and friends - You don't get these opportunities all the time. Make use of it, while they're there. Don't regret having not met them even once during their period of being alive. If you want to make a difference, do it now. Make things right and go for it!

Go outside - Staying indoors all the time could get monotonous. Even if that means you need to go out for lunch, for your lunch break during work hours, then do it. Taking that extra minute to be in touch with the outside world is equally important to survive. Not having a bit of clue about affairs taking place around the world, could be scary.

Helping others - To make yourself feel happy, you need to help others as well. Being the reason of someones' smile, does bring you to feel good about yourself. The power you have to make someone feel good about themselves is the best feeling ever. Helping the needy, or just doing something as simple as helping an old man cross the road, often these gestures do give you something good in return. Talk about Karma!

Practice smiling - It definitely alleviates the pain within. Obviously, I mean practicing real smiles, and not those we put on just for the sake of it. The genuine smile that appears when we see something good or hear something positive. A smile a day, could make the world a better place to live in barring all the problems and mishaps we deal with on a regular basis.

Plan a trip - Taking a holiday from your busy work schedule. This could make you feel happy. It's not always about planning a vacation or taking a holiday in large, but also absenting yourself on and off from your work or college, could help you feel better and joyful. The impact of content will be larger. Like a huge burden from your back being removed off you.

Meditate - The power of silence can make you feel positive. The calm and patience that comes from within, could help you from getting agitated and restless at times. Your chaos and frustration could be vented out by rewiring your happiness in the form of meditating. Try it !

Practise gratitude - Be grateful for whatever you have. Feel happy for the fact of having shelter, food and clothes that other people couldn't even afford. Acknowledge and put yourself in a more thanking position. The moment you are expressing your gratitude, the more people shall acknowledge your greatness.

- Namrata Dey


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