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Valuable tips for all journalism scholars

If you are planning to shape your career in the field of journalism then you must keep certain things in mind and know how to give you the superlative opportunity of following and being paid.

Be honest for yourself. If you are honest for yourself then you will be honest for your family, friends, college and organization. Do much more other than attending classes on a regular basis: Develop a habit of writing on a daily basis, write a blog, and tweet get you known by building up a presence online. Develop a habit of asking questions. Never hesitate to ask a question with your teachers and bosses. If you do not know anything then asks thrice but don’t go wrong.

A journalism student must be versatile. He/she should have the knowledge of everything including print journalism, electronic journalism, shooting video, camera, online media, social platforms and many more. Gain as much work experience as you can. Sometimes this will give you desirable results and often it won’t. You may go for an internship in various media houses, communication industry as to learn more and more along with knowing the professional world. This will help you in easily coping with the outside environment

Developing contacts is a must. It doesn’t mean just having a contact book. Connect with people through social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Instagram to engage online and get your name known within the subject area you’re interested in. Write, write, blog. If you’re an ambitious TV/radio journalist then you should learn how to podcast but anyone starting out should create a blog

Work on creating a network of contacts in industry to follow subject areas that interest you, keep an eye on LinkedIn company pages. Good Listener: This is mandatory in the field of journalism.

-Syed Masood,
Managing Director,
Heritage Institute of Management and Communication (HIMCOM)
New Delhi


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