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Life lessons you can only learn in college

It's almost May and the result for the secondary and higher secondary boards result will be out soon. When most of you kids will be looking for Which college to apply for, that will kick start your career. Let me tell you life will get twisted from now on. Things might look like  delusion but just so you know it will be alright when you get used to it.
So here are the things that college life will teach you other than your academics. Cause hey there is a world beyond the books the right.

1. Team work makes the dream work.
We say a man is born alone but no one told us that being alone isn't always the best option. Like some jobs just need more than one People to get it done. And college taught us well how important teamwork is. In college we were taught to work in teams so the work can be done quicker and easier like a piece of cake. Whether it be presenting a PPT In Front of the class or convincing the professor to cancel the assigned class. Everything needs teamwork and proper coordinator folks.
2. Time is an illusion.

All our school life we were taught to be in proper time and our schedule was divided into time tables and everything but as soon as we are in college. It feels like we don't have time to think about time anymore. We went from waking up at 6 to go to school to missing our 9pm class because we were busy finishing that overnight assignment. In the world of 9 to 5. College gives us the thrill of attending a class that was arranged 5 mins ago.
3. Act your age.

Often college students are categorised as the young adults. Adults who are too young to be considered as an adult. But the good thing about this age is that we learn our responsibilities. College teaches us that we need to take responsibilities of our actions whether it be a group project or a life  problem. We should always be prepared for the worst parts. Don't be afraid of the responsibilities. It will help us to grow into a better person. It's time we learn to take responsibility of ourselves.
4. Communication is the key.

College is all about meeting people when we are not worrying about the deadline. We need and interact with different kinds of people in order to get Better perspective on life. Sometimes we run into the two faced snakes or the absolute angels but that is what life is about. Balance. So, don't be afraid to talk and make friends. You never know who will become your knight in shining armour in what situation. So ,try to communicate with people around you.
5. Healthy competition

Like the quote from the movie 3 idiots'' if you don't run. You will become like a broken Anda( egg) " where the character tells how the raven bird places it's eggs in another bird's nest and when the raven eggs hatch. They try to push down the other bird's egg to survive. This is what we have been taught all our school life but college taught us that the only Competition we should have is with ourselves cause all of us are different and pursuing in a different field. We need to be better than we were yesterday's not better than others. The different club activities in college helps us to grow in something we are comfortable with rather than what Sharmaji ka beta has excelled in.
6. Explore yourself.

Like mentioned before it is common in our society to be expected to fit in some stereotypical ideal types. College is the place you will get time to find yourself. It is a place you will get a chance to explore your identity, your sexuality and your personality. For once it's all going to be about you. Try out as many activities you can participate in. Try out different clubs. It will help you to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You will know your abilities and capabilities. So , Don't be afraid to try out news things or things that don't fit the stereotype. Don't be Sharmaji ka beta . Be you.
7. It's ok to ask for help

We often think that asking for help will show our weaker side or it will make us seem inferior to others. But no it doesn't make you any less than others. Sometimes we alone are not enough to us. We are social animals. We need people around us. We need help no matter how strong we physically and mentally are. College is a place where you will find People who are always willing to help in different matters . So ask your class representative for that attendance when you are sick in your bed or seek help from the college counsellor when you feel sick in your head. Help will arrive for you. 

-Durgesh Nandini Naik
Student, Amity University, Kolkata


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