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Habits that can change your life

Success does not happen in an instant. It happens through progression of lots a little success strung over time. If you want to build something big, if you have a vision, a dream or even a clearly defined end goal, the question is not how to make it right now or tomorrow, as that wont be realistic or even possible, moreover people to seek immediate result end up disappointing themselves and end up giving up

The important thing is can we put some habits in place or cultivate some habits that will allow our end goal to manifest itself. Here are 16 habits that we can build which will help us reach our end goal and fulfil our dreams

1. Do what you say you are going to do – less talk and more action as action proves who someone is, whereas words prove who someone want to be

2. Journal once per day even if its just a paragraph or three sentences or even one sentence, a quick check in to see where you are at,  in the long run will keep us grounded and sane

3. Never lie,once a liar always a liar, one lie lead to another and within no time we find ourselv stuck in a cobweb of lies that we are spinning around
4. Always make time for your closest friends, as one very famous artist once told that we can make a lot of money in this world but if we have traded our friends to get there, we will never be happy

5. Practice your craft like playing guitar or writing poetry, what may be just a hobby now one day can be something very special, bottom line is, if you love it practice it.
6. Go to the gym or to the yoga studio or go for a run – be physically active and maintain a healthy and active life style. Physical activity or regular exercise will not only reduce the risk of several diseases but also will improve your mood and quality of life

7. Eat healthy, what you eat is a habit, and you are going to set this habit and repeat it daily for very very long time, make that habit take care of you not drag you down

8. Surround yourself with people who represent what you ultimately want to become, this is a habit and a choice, if you are unhappy at the position where you are or unhappy about the way you are going, take a hard look at the people who are around you chances are they are on a similar boat and as along as you stay in the situation neither of you are moving anywhere anytime soon

9. Read- none of us are unaware of the benefits of reading, it strengthens our brain, builds vocabulary, reduces stress, expands our knowledge and broadens our horizons  its one of the best habit that we can build, if you haven’t started it yet order some book from amazon or get yourself a kindle.
10. Don’t just set goals track them, setting up a project planner will show you exactly everything you need to know to reach your goal like what action you need to take and when you need to take those actions in order to accomplish your goal

11. Meditate and reflect, it’s very important that once in a while we stop doing everything that we are doing and thinking and use a little while to meditate and look inwards, we cant always be in go-go-go mode, meditating and reflecting will enable us to contemplate better what we are learning along the way

12. Teach others, even before you think you are an expert, take the knowledge you require and pass it along, not only its good for humanity but you will learn whatever you are teaching even more deeply

13. Keep in touch with both older and younger people as it will provide you with the much-needed perspective of whatever situation you are dealing with

14. Wake up when you say you are going to wake up, when ever we set the alarm before sleeping, we make a promise to ourselves that we are going to wakeup at that particular time, its very important that we keep that promise

15. See art, go to the museum, watch a movie, listen to live music art creates inspiration go out and get inspired and last but not the least

16. Dress for success, we always have more confidence when we feel good about the way we are presenting ourselves we should make it a habit to portray our best self always



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