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Ambiguity lies within...

What is it in black, that is to die for?
Pondering over whims and fancies that one could have for themselves; a simple thought could go where the mind leads you to. A very intriguing, yet ambiguous nature of attracting the unknown. A travel to visit a place of whose destination lies within.

Expressions and emotions go hand-in-hand, for those who lay emphasis on something that is much more than just life. It leads you through a path that takes you down a rollercoaster of mysterious highways which deal with their own enigmatic nature.

Their stairways remain a thriller for most, as they are yet to figure out the dealings of being a dark horse. For some they empower the strength to hold back and fight, rest assured the inner conflict does not mess with their thought process.

Sometimes, victory and beauty not only lie in the eyes of the beholder, but also in the character of the most unwanted. Colour often becomes a contrast for those who see through surroundings in the darkest and most importantly the deepest of forms.

Variations of unworthiness and unwilling to recuperate from what most think is useless, always lies a sense of reckless, vulnerable, and worthless feeling. A once forgotten, so-called "someone" can definitely become "one" who stands strong in the worst of situations. A mere chance of spontaneity can take a huge leap of a rebel who walks the path of adventure now…

Yes, it isn't just a colour, it is a dictionary for the ones yet to be found and yet to be loved! An ocean of emotions that they think they want and need to consider themselves chosen; who could possibly know what they dream they could be. For those who lost an opportunity in the well of out casting shadows do not stand a chance in front of the blinding darkness. Fearing their past with a chilling present and uncanny future they dance in the glory of outlandish mechanism that take them to a foregone evergreen world. A world that promises a whole new wisdom of untold fantasies.

-Namrata Dey


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