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Sri Aurobindo College (Eve) organized it's 3rd Alumni Meet Yaadgaar

Yaadgaar- ‘Memories Revisited’ with fun and frolic in the college lawns on 15-2-2020. The Alumni Meet very well conveyed the message that -Like branches of a tree our lives Grow in different fields yet our Roots remain the same. The Alumni Association was formed by Dr. Namita Rajput in August 2017. The effort to form this association was to  to get connected with the pass out students and their achievements. 

It was a great effort made by the Principal to develop a kind of network with the alumni and get connected to them.
The Chief Guest of the event was Mr Arvind Kumar, ACP, Delhi Police Service, Founder President of the Alumni Association. Mr. Arvind is a recipient of Police Medal for Gallantry in the year 2005. He was the key member of the team which recovered cash of Rs 22.5 crores recognized by ‘Limca Book of records’ as the highest cash recovery. Recently he has been awarded with Silver Disc by the Commissioner of Police. It is a great honour to add that he also received the Gallantry Award from the President of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam. 

The function commenced with music and dance performances by students of Miraki  Music Society.A scintillating dance performance was given by Vatsala,a student of B.Com( prog ) 2nd year.Other students also came forward to showcase their talents. 
After this, the Principal, Dr. Namita Rajput addressed the gathering with her motivating words and said that, "Your memories and experiences of three years in the college were the best years of your life". She further added that how  an institution contributes in shaping ones career and teaches how to face challenges in life. “Somewhere we feel indebted to our institution”, she spoke in an emotional tone. She wished all the Alumni good luck and success in life. Dr. Aman Singh a senior Professor opined that though job hunting is a frustrating job but one should not feel rejected and always keep his morale high. He concluded his words in a poetic manner,"paron ko khol, zamana udna dekhta hai". 
After that Dr.Vibha Batra (Convenor, Alumni Meet), introduced the founder members of Alumni Association. After this the distinguished Alumni Awards were given to five alumni. They were honoured with Certificates of Excellence for their contribution to the college. The awardees' were-
1) Mr. Harish Sharma- Excellence in Business and contribution to the college. He has been sponsoring this event for the past three years. 
2) Mr. Arvind Kumar, ACP, Delhi Police Founder President of Sri Aurobindo College Alumni Association ( SACEAA)
3) Mr. Ravi Rathi -Excellence in Sports (baseball)
4) Ms. Priyanka - Excellence in Music and counseling skills.
5) Mr. Dinanath for Excellence in working to educate slum children in life skills.
The Photographic Society captured each and every moment with great enthusiasm to store the memorable event. A formal  photo session with Alumni, Teaching and Non-Teaching also took place to restore memories. In the end of the function, a performance by 'Ehsaas' Band mesmerized the audience. 
Ashutosh (Singer) was accompanied by Swaraj Kulshrestha on guitar. It was wonderful and worthwatching when teachers,alumni and studends came together and shared the dance floor. It was a great moment when the Principal of the college herself took few dance steps. There was all cheerfulness and merriment. The college also arranged for a grand refreshment. 


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