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Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) celebrated Foundation Day

Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) celebrated the 35th Foundation Day as part of the Teacher’s Day celebrations, for the first time under the aegis of Dr Namita Rajput, Principal (OSD) who undertook this initiative. The college was founded in the year 1984 and had only two courses with a total
strength of only 300 students and six faculty members. Today the college offers seven courses with a total of 2200 students and 80 faculty members.

Initially the college was a boys-only college but now it is a thriving co-educational institute. During the period of 35 years, the college has received various awards. The college has achieved B+ grade in NAAC and has acquired a NIRF ranking as well. The college has an expansive library and internet and is a fully WIFI-enabled campus today.

The college also has a plethora of societies such as Arts and Crafts Society, Women’s Development Cell, Gender Sensitisation Committee, Career Guidance & Placement Cell. SAC(E) is the only Delhi University college that undertakes environmentally sustainable initiative for climate conservation in alignment of government’s policy of plastic ban. The college undertakes green drives with every function, and has collaborated with Jagriti Foundation previously for paper recycling. The college has now started a plastic ban drive in college and has been declared plastic- free zone by the Indian Pollution Control Association. The college will collect plastic regularly and composting bins will be installed in the college, along with paper-recycling initiatives.

The college program began with a homage to the freedom fighters of the nation at the Wall of Heroes in the college campus, where the esteemed guests and faculty members gathered together to pay their respects. The function in the Seminar Hall began with a discussion on Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan in whose honour Teacher’s Day is celebrated. A musical performance by the music society, after which there was the lighting of the lamp by the senior faculty members, the college principal, Dr. Rajput, as well as the honourable guests. A nukkad natak was performed by Rangmanch, the dramatic society of the college, titled, “Gyan ka Prakash” on sage Sri Aurobindo’s life and learnings as he transitioned from being a revolutionary and patriot to a yogi and spiritual guru. Following this there was the singing of national anthem, Dr. Namita Rajput presented moments to our esteemed guests, Prof. Ravindra Ramachandra Kanhere (Pro Vice Chancellor IGNOU), Prof. Rachita Rana (Director, Maharaja Surajmal Institute), and Dr. Radha Goyal (Director, IPCA).

Following this, our principal, Dr. Namita Rajput announced the signing of an MOU with Consortium for Educational Communication for online teaching and MOOCs. This is extremely momentous for the college because Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) is the first college who is an associate partner for MOOCs with CEC, undertaken under the leadership of the principal Dr
Rajput. The principal spoke of how this MoU will benefit the staff and students alike as it will enable the teachers to undertake classes online. It is the futuristic vision of the principal, Dr. Rajput that she introduced this to the staff of the college as it will equip them with internet-based methods of pedagogy as well as self-improvement in the form of refresher courses. With the help of this, a variety of e-resources will be accessible to students and staff alike and students can learn online where their teachers will deliver their lectures (for which they will be paid). This will indeed be a blessing to the institution in the long run and the key senior staff of the college, along with the prolific guests who were invited on the occasion, appreciated and lauded the dynamic efforts of the Dr. Rajput who has been working relentlessly and tirelessly for the benefit of the college. The students of the Arts and Crafts society, Imaginique, presented a hand-made portrait of Dr. Namita Rajput, as a token of their respect and admiration.

Following this, the guests of honour, Prof. Ravinder Ramachandra Kanhere spoke highly of the college initiatives and activities. He was in praise of the societies of college and the proactive nature of the study body. Furthermore, he lauded the principal, Dr. Namita Rajput, for her active engagement in the college administrative and academic endeavours. Prof. Rachita Rana also was of similar views and applauded the college efforts towards academic and administrative development of the college. Dr. Radha Goyal spoke about the climate issues relating to waste disposal. She explained the need of segregating waste for recycling, as well as ensuring that there is minimal waste generation in the households. She also presented students from our college with certification for collecting 10 Kgs of plastic each.

The event also included the launch of two books. One book was authored by Dr. Namita Rajput titled, A Handbook of Business Environment and the other book was written by Dr. Munish Sharma, Hindi Department, titled, Hindi Cinema ke Bahurang.


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