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Sri Aurobindo College Celebrates Independence Day

Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) Celebrated the 73rd Independence Day By hoisting the National Flag. It was a moment of pride, when the College Inaugurated the “Wall of Female Warriors” and
paid a floral tribute. The Function then started with the lighting of the lamp by Dr. Namita Rajput (principal), chief guest Dr. Pratibha Singh (Advisor NAAC) and other faculty members.

The principal then addressed the students and congratulated them on this auspicious day and elaborated the importance of independence. To mark the occasion of the Independence day the college provided a good environmental initiative by giving 5000kgs of the waste paper given by our college to the foundation called JAAGRUTI (Inform, Share and inspire) and in exchange of waste paper, they provided the college with registers and paper rims.

The registers and paper rims will be distributed among poor children as a social outreach initiative. Our chief guest in her speech talked about the importance of higher education and how it could be improved and developed further. Dr. Aman singh Secretary Staff council inspired the students to preserve their cultural heritage. The cultural program was presented by the students of music department. A floral tribute was also given to Sri Aurobindo’s statue as to mark his birthday which is supposed to be on 15th August. Sri Aurobindo Ji was born on 15th August 1872. The vote of thanks was given by Dr. Anil Singh of commerce department.


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