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Leadership Summit on Sustainability and CSR at Sri Aurobindo College

3rd Thought Leadership Summit on Sustainability and CSR was organized by Phd Chamber of Commerce and industry in collaboration with its academic partner Sri Aurobindo college Eve on 23rd August,2019 at PHD House.

The summit started with the national anthem. In the inaugural session the theme address was delivered by Dr Aruna Oswal chairperson CSR committee PHDCCI. She elaborated how concept of sustainable development and why it has become pertinent at this juncture. CSR measures are fundamental obligation to society.

The theme of the inaugural session was policy and thought leadership on ecosystem and governance of CSR. The first thematic session which was on SDG 2 was chaired by Mr Eric kenefick, country director, United Nations world food programme.

World is facing challenge on two major issues Hunger and Environmental degradation, core discussion surrounded on steps to resolve it. The second thematic session was based on SDG 4 which was chaired by Dr Namita Rajput, Principal, Sri aurobindo college eve.

Sri Aurobindo College eve is member partner of the programme and keeps on promoting several steps to resolve the biggest hurdle with its various academic and social programmes. Dr Rajput talked about carbon emission, its repercussions and elaborated why it has become mandatory to create a bridge between problems and Industry. Sustainable development with mutual understanding with Industry can provide constructive and fruitful result otherwise overlooking it can create chaos in Industry and in society too.

After these sessions, technical session was started in which included paper presentations by various faculties of various disciplines and Research Scholars. The presentations of scholars were judged by Dr Namita Rajput, Principal Sri Aurobindo College Evening, Asso. Professor Dr Anil Singh, Dr Ak Misra (Sri Aurobindo eve) and Prof Saurabh Mittal from GL Bajaj college (Noida).

After being evaluated on certain parameters the best three papers were given a memento and a certificate. Dr Namita Rajput concluded and thanked all the participants and organizers. The programme could come in day light by the immense support of Director of PHDCCI,Dr Jatinder Singh.


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