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Order Fulfillment for E-Commerce made easy with Addverb’s latest bot “SortIE”

Addverb Technologies, the leading Robotics and Automation company in India has launched its Robotic Sortation System called “SortIE”.  

SortIE (Sort Intelligently and Efficiently), is one-of-a-kind fast-moving scalable solution for rapid and efficient order sortation and consolidation, which helps e-commerce, quick commerce and similar industries to dispatch large order quantities in lesser time with higher accuracy and reliability. SortIE supports round the clock operations increases throughput by 5x as compared to manual sortation operations.  

Meet SortIE:
•    An intelligent bot that can sort and sequence orders up-to 450 sorts/hr
•    Sorts and fulfils orders with multiple SKUs at high-speed enabling quick dispatch
•    Modular design makes it easy to install and maintain
•    Is highly flexible - additional platforms and desks can be added to meet the growth of operations

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Sangeet Kumar, Co-founder & CEO, said, “It’s a humbling moment at Addverb Technologies, the entire team worked super-fast to bring SortIE to life for its launch at the IWS 2022. This solution can help D2C, grocery, e-commerce and online fashion industry who are looking for automation solutions that come with low ROI and can scale easily with the growth of their business. It allows batch picking and subsequent downstream sortation for a large number of SKUs. SortIE can be especially useful for Reverse Logistics operation and help fashion industry automate the entire reverse logistic operations in warehouses”.

SortIE in Action:
Integrated with our Optimus - Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Mobinity - Warehouse Control System (WCS) for order sequencing and fulfilment
Collects the product from the conveyor belt or mobile robots and deposits it at a designated bin in the rack. Can handle polybags, small cartons.
Performs the sorting operation with 100% accuracy

Addverb provides warehouse automation solutions across FMCG, Grocery, Apparel, Petrochemicals, Pharma, Automotive etc. Including the likes of Unilever, Reliance, Flipkart, Amazon, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Marico, Dabur, ITC and Patanjali, to name a few.

In line with the increase in digitization and heavy adoption of technology in industries like e-commerce, health, aviation, food and beverages, fashion, grocery, retail, third party logistics, pharmaceuticals, and auto components, Addverb Technologies has automation and robotics solutions for various industries.


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