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FICCI ARISE (Alliance for Re-imagining School Education) with the support from Foreign Trade Administration- Ministry of Economy and Industry: Israel & Embassy of Israel, New Delhi mounted a 24-member high-powered delegation of top educationists from all across India to visit Israel, from August 21-26, 2022. The purpose of this visit was to provide an opportunity to understand and experience the

Israeli model of education system in K-12 space and gain exposure to the dynamic and flexible policies, successful pedagogical tools and models by use of cutting-edge technologies like data analytics, artificial intelligence, design thinking etc. for transforming their schools to prepare their students for the 21st century needs.

The 5 days visit was carefully planned to include visits to a wide range of institutions including the Ministry of Education, Israel; Israel Export and International Cooperation Institute; Taasiyeda; Peres Center for Peace and Innovation; Start-up Nation Central; MINDCET; Shimon Peres High School. There was also an interactive and engaging session held with  Mr Sanjeev Singla, Indian Ambassador to Israel on exploring ways to deepen educational links between the two vibrant democracies.

Shishir Jaipuria, Chairman, FICCI ARISE & Chairman, Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Institutions, said, "In India, we have done excellent work in ensuring access to school education to the remotest rural pockets of the country. The bigger challenge today is to ensure outcome-based learning and accountability of stakeholders through ethical reporting of data.  This is possible only through intelligent use of technology. We also need to learn how Israel has effectively mainstreamed entrepreneurship education into School Education thereby giving the advantage of early mentoring and Skilling of students.  This will strengthen the Start-up India Mission of our Hon’ble Prime Minister. This visit to Israel provided exposure to policy framework for multiple models of excellent quality education being delivered by the Israeli K-12 segment"

Praveen Raju, Co-Chairman, FICCI ARISE & Founder, Suchitra Academy, stated, "Learners of today are vastly different from those born in the 20th century. Today’s learners are multi-taskers, inventive and disruptors. Educators, therefore, have to adopt ways of learning tailored to the needs of learners of tomorrow. This visit has not just paved the way to understand the best practices of innovation-led learning environment but also provided possibilities to identify areas for mutually beneficial collaboration.’’

Through this endeavor, FICCI aims to provide an opportunity to foster strategic partnerships between India and Israel for a meaningful dialogue, cooperation, and engagement in K-12 Education.


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