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Eupheus Learning acquires SchoolMitra to enable schools with 21st Century School OS

Eupheus Learning, India's largest school-focused distribution platform with a reach of 20,000 schools, today announces its acquisition of a homegrown SaaS-based firm, SchoolMitra. The previous association between the two brands just last month turned fruitful and the association enabled Eupheus Learning users with a unified platform comprising CMS, LMS & ERP as a single sign-on.

Both the firms share a common vision to enable schools with modern technologies and innovations, digitalizing the Indian education sector. This acquisition will make SchoolMitra's 21st century school OS accessible to 20,000+ schools of Eupheus Learning, simplifying the lives of all the stakeholders, including parents, teachers, students and the school administration.

Furthermore, Eupheus Learning is taking a leap in providing an integrated one point solution, making lives easier for each stakeholder- Students, Teachers, School Management and Parents. The acquisition comes at a time when digital acceleration has changed the landscape of the education sector, with schools adopting modern technologies on the back of the new National Education Policy (NEP) 2020.

The platform provided by SchoolMitra enables parents to help their children learn and monitor their performance. It also helps them pay fees online and track their child's safe entry and exit from school down to the detail of the bus routes.

Similarly, SchoolMitra's services enable teachers to take a live class with embedded content, while administrative work like attendance, report cards, etc., gets automated. The automation in administrative work allows teachers to focus more on teaching and providing personalized attention to the students.

In terms of administration, SchoolMitra's cloud-based platform assists school principals to run the institute efficiently. From staffing-to-payroll-to-HR, admissions, fee, transportation, library, examination, database, communication – the cloud-based model help Principals to manage all these integrated modules efficiently and effectively while keeping the data safe and secure.

In regard to the acquisition, Amit Kapoor, Co-Founder & Director of Eupheus Learning, said, "We initially partnered with SchoolMitra with a shared vision to enable as many schools as possible with 21st century OS. During our collaboration, we have received an overwhelming response from over 500 schools, which made us cement our relationship with this acquisition. With the combined entity of Eupheus Learning and SchoolMitra, we are taking another step towards integrating the (classic) model of education with the technology of the 21st century, enabling the students, teachers, and the school principals to benefit alike. Furthering to our mission, the acquisition will be instrumental in transforming schools into 21st Century Schools.

The pandemic has accelerated the educational sector's technological trends that were already in motion. However, only a fraction of schools have benefited from this acceleration and deliver quality content and technology. The combined entity of Eupheus and SchoolMitra will ease the transition of schools that want to adopt new-age learning models.

"We are excited to take our relationship with Eupheus Learning a step ahead and to permanently join India's largest schools distribution platform in the K-12 space. Since our inception, we have been working to revolutionize the Indian education system by introducing modern technologies into this segment. With Eupheus Learning's strength and reach, we can help a wide range of schools in different parts of the country ease their workload with our single sign-on comprehensive platform with CMS, LMS and ERP. Together we will create a new class of education platform that sets the bar for the entire industry." said Abhishek Kumar, CEO, SchoolMitra.

The combined entity of Eupheus, Classklap, and SchoolMitra will ensure the roll-out of 21st Century School OS-based platform into the universe of around 20,000+ schools nationally. The existing 1000+ School clients of SchoolMitra will also get an exposure to the curriculum and supplemental content of Eupheus on one platform.


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