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Tips to Overcome Anxiety in Youngsters

Most citizens are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated because of the present pandemic situation. It is said that many feel unhappy all the time due to uncertain situations like the second wave lockdown. People are stressing and constantly thinking that they might get affected by Covid-19. It is also very difficult for those who have recently lost someone and not able to overcome or manage the grief.

The buzzword is Covid-19. How I badly wish that it was merely a dream. Unfortunately, it is not a dream. Globally, people are experiencing massive grief and pain. Even when this deadly virus will vanish, its impact will be felt by those affected by it. The need of the hour is to reduce the anxiety surrounding the pandemic. Especially for the youth, who have their entire life to look forward to, need to guard themselves against anxiety.

As an individual, you need to realise that this too shall pass. Change is the only constant phenomenon in our lives. In this pandemic, I urge all the to overcome anxiety by incorporating these tips in their lives-

∙ Involve yourself in indoor activities
Nature is urging you to stay indoors. It is better to involve yourself in some indoor activities which will make you feel joyous and happy. Try doing some exercises, aerobics, meditation or yoga. Activities like gardening, crafting and painting can help you productively channelize your thoughts.

∙ Disconnect yourself from toxic people
Interaction is the key to balanced relationships, but it should not be at the cost of your own emotional wellbeing. Distance yourself from people who always talk about the pandemic situation and the ill effects. We attract negative vibrations with negative talks. This is how the law of attraction works. Try to think of positive things which are happening around you.

∙ Indulge in Self Care
Before you extend your help to others, you need to keep yourself healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Eat healthy as much as possible, take proper sleep and rest. Treat yourself with motivational videos and self-help books. These work. The self-help books and motivation videos will build confidence in you. Undeniably, motivation and confidence are much required in the present situation.

∙ Stop Overthinking
Overthinking will not lead us anywhere. It is understood that the protocols like maintaining social distance are of utmost priority right now. But, it is also leaving us isolated. Most of the times such situations result in sadness, dullness and changes in our energy levels. With too many thoughts of isolation, we tend to overthink. This is quite natural. Try to distract yourself whenever you feel trapped in unwanted thoughts, negative situations or incidents. Think of the good times you had. Deep breathing techniques will also help you stop overthinking.

∙ Don’t get obsessed with COVID-19 related news
It is good to stay informed about the news. This will help you understand the protocols as per the guidelines. For accurate information, always stick to trustworthy sources. Avoid dumb-scrolling and clicking on unnecessary link pop-ups which you receive through the internet. Few pieces of information can mislead if the sources are not authentic. Stop checking your phone for every update related to COVID-19 because this can fuel anxiety in you. Stay informed but don't consume excess information.

By - Dr. Priya Kaul 

Spiritual Healer and a Life Coach


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