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Tips To Score Good In An Exam

Do you have any examination coming up where you need to score high? Or you generally want to improve your grades?

Well friends, here are some tips you can abide by to make the above ones true! Yes, have a read at my article to satisfy your needs accordingly.

Prepare yourself for taking the Test -

    Eat right at the day of your exam: The most important thing on the day of your test/exam is to eat proper and right. Being hungry during a test distracts your mind and can make you tired. However, don't eat too soon before a test, so that you don’t end up feeling hungry again while the test. Also, make sure that you get a meal filled with low protein before you have to take the test. Eating healthy generally boosts one’s brain performance too!

    Sleep well: If you don't sleep well the night before your exam, then you won't be able to focus when the pressure will be on! Make sure to go to bed early the night before, rather than staying up all night for the revisions. Your brain is not easily able to hold on to all that crammed information at all times. Thus, sometimes it may go wrong! Hence, it’s better to take precautions beforehand and keep a sensible sleep time for the night before.

    Have all the necessary supplies for the test:
Go to your test center with all of the following - calculators; pens; pencils; blank paper; and other essentials which is needed for that particular one. Not having any or even few of these might land you in trouble anytime.

    Drink lots of water to stay hydrated: Getting dehydrated during a test can be distracting and reduce your ability to think clearly. Thus, staying hydrated before and throughout the test is pretty essential a need! Thus, always carry your water bottles with you for any test.

    Don't do anything different than your usual one: If you aren't used to drinking coffee, then don’t start suddenly as an experiment before any one of your tests. Try not to do anything different other than your basic routine for the day of or before. This can really put you in trouble at times. Hence, leave the experiments for a time much ahead of or after a test!

Taking the Test -

    First, write down the important things: As soon as the test commences, write down all formulas or other important information on some rough paper/space, before you start taking up the questions one by one. This will help keep you from blanking out, when you will need that information later.

    Do the problems you know, at the very first: Always take up the problems to which you know the answers, at the beginning. This helps to make sure that you get as much of the test done as soon as possible. And if you get stuck at any point, then just calmly move on to the next question, that you think you can answer quickly or instantly.

    Cross out the wrong answers (when you are sure): Once you've answered the all the known questions, it’s time for you to move on to the ones you're not so sure about or rather doubtful of. When you're dealing with multiple choice questions, eliminating the answers that you know are incorrect or not really suitable, helps you decide between the possible options more precisely.

    Look for clues in the other given questions: Sometimes the answer to a particular question are contained within or hinted at in another question of the test. Look at those answers or questions to help run through your memory bank.

    Never leave any question blank: Unless you're docked for incorrect answers, never just leave a question blank. Specially if there is a multiple choice, you'll at least have a 25% chance of getting the right answer always.

    Pace yourself up: This is very important! You should always keep track of how much time you have left and try to use that wisely and smartly. You can always go back to check your answers later.
Well I guess, now you are confident enough to ace it in the coming one!

Do comment and share if you liked the article. Also put in your suggestions or add-ons to it, or maybe the next topic you want me to write on. Stay happy and stay safe!

An undergrad student of Amity University Kolkata. An avid orator, anchor, creative writer, singer, debater and a movie and sports buff. Based in Kolkata. Have work experience with The Telegraph, Friends FM and GreyMatters Communications.


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