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5 Reasons Why Influencer Marketing Is Here To Stay

One of the recent phenomena that have taken the marketing industry by storm, is Instagram influencer marketing. It is constantly growing by leaps and bounds, and according to Adweek, the industry is set to reach $10 billion in worth by 2020. According to the 2018 survey results of the influencer marketing agency, Mediakix, 89% said that Return on Investment from influencer marketing was comparable to or better than other networks. It also inferred that 65% of marketers plan on increasing their influencer marketing budgets for 2019. This is the capacity of influencer marketing in the recent times.
In this article, I’m going to tell you what Instagram influencer marketing is all about.

Who is an Instagram influencer?
An influencer is a person who actively engages in a distinct niche, and has the power to affect the purchasing decisions of others because of his or her engagement with the audience. The larger the follower base, the greater is the influencer’s authority of influencing consumer marketing behaviour.
But the most important thing is influencers are not mere marketing tools. As their relationship has the power to influence the behaviour of people, a good influencer must judge a product before blindly marketing it. They are actually social relationship assets with which brands can collaborate to achieve their marketing objectives:
Based on the number of followers on Instagram, there are mainly 3 types of influencers:

•    Micro-influencers (less than 10K followers)
•    Macro-influencers (10K-1M followers)
•    Mega-influencers (more than 1M followers)

And now that you have a basic idea about the Instagram influencers, let's get an insight into the reason why Instagram marketing has gained such momentum in the last few year and it is here to stay.
1.    Trust
When we see a person whom we know personally or an individual whose tech preferences or sense of fashion we deeply adore, suggesting a new product, we easily get attracted. This is because of the trust we have on them owing to the social connection. A brand uses this trust to market its products and make any campaign successful.

According to research, the high ROIs prove that 88% of consumers trust online recommendations as much as personal ones.
2.    Quality of Content
Influencers master the art of winning the attention of their followers by creating superb quality of content. Hence brands don’t have to invest time designing content for the presentation of the product, service, or event. The influencers create everything based on their practical experience, preference of their followers, thus revealing a product in the best possible way. The biggest perk is different influencers have their unique approaches to creating content, which opens an entirely fresh horizon of advertising ideas for a brand.
3.    No Ads Blocking
According to PageFair, 615 million people use Adblock apps. But even if an influencer’s post is promotional in nature, people or Adblock apps can't block them. And the best part is that, as the posts are interesting and engaging, the idea of blocking them doesn’t cross their minds. Instead, they read, discuss, and engage.
4.    Feedback Mechanism

Influencer Marketing gives precious insights about a brand’s consumers and their needs When a brand collaborates with content creators, they always get feedback in the form of users' likes, shares, comments, reach, and other detailed insights. Sometimes, influencers may give advice for better future cooperation.

This is extremely beneficial for a business. Instead of spending tons of time, money, and labour for getting the actual market feedback, here, they can that easily and instantly. From the comments and purchase details, a brand can really infer people really think about the product, its features, pros, and cons, which is highly beneficial for a company’s for marketing, sales, and product development.

5.    Automated Marketing
Different platforms like Plixxo, Publicfast, TagMango, Frapp are easy ways to automate the efforts and maximize the results of the campaigns.

Some of the main benefits are as follows:
•    The platform helps you to identify influencers that have the target audience a brand need.
•    All the information and can filter the search by different categories, such as topic, country, age, sex, location, content, etc.
•    The brands can instantly compare the influencers' scores and engagement rates to choose the most suited ones for marketing the product.
•    Launching a campaign takes a couple of minutes.
•    And at the end of a campaign, the brand receives comprehensive analytics and constructive feedback.

If you find the article helpful, do like, and spread the word. Let me know your feedback in the comment section. I will be back with such more helpful articles soon.

-Shankhanila Palchowdhury

A graduate student in Journalism and Communications, I am an avid reader, writer, blogger, foodie and movie buff. Based in Kolkata, I am extremely passionate about trekking, travelling, exploring and building new relations every day.


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