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10 Essentials For A Solo Trip Of A Woman

A must have in everyone’s bucket list is a SOLO TRIP!

Yes friends, if you haven’t embarked on to one yet, then it is high time you should. And given the prevailing circumstances, solo trips are the best you can afford, post the normalcy of the world at large.

Also, solo trips add on to your strength and courage as you re-discover your abilities, pros and cons and your skills and your tastes - YOURSELF as a whole! You would never know before this, that you can do so much at your own. It is a complete solution of ME TIME and SELF GRWOTH.

However, there is still a stigma which is associated with the women taking onto solo trips. To do away with that you must be well equipped and aware of your belongings needed for a successful one. Thus, to the pleasure of all the ladies out there, I have jot down the top 10 essentials you must include in your solo trip!

1) A proper pair of shoes
Ladies, it’s not the fancy parties or weddings. Yes, you have to have the most comfortable pair of shoes for a solo trip or rather a trip of any kind. Shoes add on to your energy level a lot. If you do not wear the proper shoes while walking in your planned trip, then you tend to lose the mood, or start disliking the moments, or tend not to walk at all and ultimately ruin your plans entirely. Whilst a proper shoe helps you keep walking without even making you realize on the count of kilometers covered, keeps up your mood and makes you enjoy every bit of your journey. The comfort zone again varies and hence it can be a sneaker, running/walking shoes, jogging shoes, sports shoes, kitos; etc.

2) A medical kit
Well, ladies as we all know that a handy supply of medicines and first-aids are always useful and rather necessary, especially for trips like this. Well the medicines might differ as per your requirements, but however there are few constants in the list -

    Band-aids
    Painkillers/Pain relieve sprays
    Tampons/Sanitary napkins
    Basic cough/cold medicines
    Basic stomach medicines

3) Toiletries
This is again a necessity for all men and women out there. It is very important to carry one’s own toiletries as not everywhere you get your suitable and neither can you ask for alternatives every time. And also, not everything is supplied in all the lodges/hotels. Hence another common list for that -

    Toothbrush & Toothpaste
    Shampoo and conditioner
    Soap or body-wash
    Moisturizer
    Deodorant 

But remember, you cannot pack the entire bottles. You have to arrange for their miniatures or make up one.

4) Proper clothes
Packing proper clothes based on the climate of your destination is very important. It is definitely not wise or advisable for you to carry loose cotton clothes to a windy or cold place or jackets and sweaters for a sunny climate. Thus, you should well research of the prevailing climatic conditions of your destination, while you will be visiting there, and pack your clothes accordingly. However, there is yet another necessary list of additions, which is suited for all the climates -

    Sunglasses
    A handy jacket (not too more or less warm, for the airport cold or anything likewise)
    Sunscreen
    A raincoat
    An umbrella
    A cap/hat/scarf or all
    Socks
    Towel

5) Suitcase/Backpack or both
It is very important an item for any trip. Usually people carry both and if you can manage them, then go for it!

It is advisable that you choose a sturdy and durable luggage, and also keep it marked for identity issues. And it is more comfortable if it is light weighted, for you need not put that extra effort of hiring anyone to carry it for you. And of-course, if you are taking a separate backpack, then make sure you divide your items smartly as to which ones you can keep in the luggage back in your lodge/hotel and to which ones need to be there with you all throughout. Thus, it is beneficial to have both while going for solo trips, but it is also okay if you can manage everything in one and just carry a small waist-purse for the travelling period with your phone and utmost important documents and money in it.

6) Important documents kit
As I mentioned it just now, that it is okay if you can manage your document kit in the handbag or backpack or the luggage you will carry, while it is also good if you can arrange for a separate folder/file/kit for the same. The documents need to be handy as can you need them anytime in the entire trip and also, you definitely don’t want to lose out on any while searching for it every single time. Thus, it is better to have a different chamber for it altogether to ease the process of search and to minimalise the chances of misplacement. The documents you need to carry should be according to the trip you are embarking on. But yet again there is a common list for the same -

    Passport (even if domestic travel, it is safe to carry it with you)
    Photo-ID and address proof
    Hotel/lodge and all the other booking details
    Essential phone numbers list
    Some more cash in cases of emergency
    Credit card and ID, xerox copies

7) Phone and its accessories
How can you imagine your trip without a phone! Well yes, you can’t at all if it’s a solo one. It’s needed for the regular calls and internet accessibility and many more. And then only a phone will not suffice. The following accessories are also needed for the trip -

    Charger
    Power banks
    Earphone/Headphone
    Dongle/portable Wi-Fi routers
    A case or box for all to keep it organized

8) Camera
A trip and no camera? Not at all. Though now-a-days the phones only serve the purpose of a camera, but still the real photographers or rather passionate travelers will not go on the trip without one! And remember the camera you have will suffice your purpose. Don’t take the heavy ones for solo trips as it becomes an extra headache for handling and taking care of the DSLR/Tripod and so on.

9) Water bottle
Being hydrated and keeping yourself one throughout lifetime is necessary. Thus, it is obviously a very important item of your trip. You must carry one with you and have another bottle in hand, inside your luggage or backpack for it to be refilled or used at times of need or emergency. Well, water apart from mending thirst, also helps in washing of hands and mouth and face, at times of energy loss or times when you are feeling low or dull. It also adds on to the energy to take up more on the journey, in your otherwise pre planned trip. Thus, water is basically the source of life and livelihood for any activity and definitely for trips like this! And also, friends, you can save up on the money for buying those bottles every time.

10) Other essentials
Apart from the aforementioned goods and clothes, it is also important to keep the following things handy as you never know when an emergency arrives or when can you need or use any of it -

    Pepper spray
    Watch
    Extra handy phone
    Extra money in your secret chambers
    Wet and Dry tissues
    A book/music player/kindle/tablet
    A map/directory of the place/places
    Fit-bit/e-band
    Slippers

So, prepare your checklist and tally them well with this, before leaving. And do not forget to make your TO-DO LIST FOR THE TRIP!

Do comment and share if you liked the article. Also put in your suggestions or add-ons to it, or maybe the next topic you want me to write on. Stay happy and stay safe!

An undergrad student of Amity University Kolkata. An avid orator, anchor, creative writer, singer, debater and a movie and sports buff. Based in Kolkata. Have work experience with The Telegraph, Friends FM and GreyMatters Communications.


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