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Youtube VS Tik Tok

Almost everyone on this date is aware of the controversy that has been trending all over the internet. Probably one of the most interesting and fun controversial topics of this year
has been the You Tube vs Tik Tok topic.
So, it began when a week ago, a Tik Toker named Amir Siddiqui posted a live video on Instagram where he said completely intolerable things about You Tubers. On the other hand, he expected the You Tubers to remain quiet and listen to all the stupid things he had said.

Defending the entire You Tube community, famous Indian You Tuber, Carry Minati came up with his hilarious video as a reply to the live video that Amir Siddiqui had uploaded.

The video uploaded by Carry Minati became the most trending video of You Tube and the most trending topic on Twitter as well. People all over went crazy about the video and it broke all records and got 1.4 million subscribers in just 24 hours and the first you tuber to get 8 million plus likes in just 38hours.

Now, this video, with the immense popularity that it gained, also was subjected to a lot of hatred and negative views. Some people even said, that Carry Minati is a very misogynistic hypocrite who has no basic sense of respect.

Now, as a matter of fact, You Tube is indeed a much more important and entertaining site than Tik Tok can ever be. I am not saying, that Tik Tok on a whole is a disgusting app, but I have to admit, that there is way more cringe content on Tik Tok than it is on You Tube. There are certain content on Tik Tok which are not even worth watching. Disgusting content, which cannot really be called a content. It’s absolutely cringy and not tolerable.

I have as well seen the video by Carry Minati and according to me, i found nothing hypocritical in that video. It was completely of entertainment purpose and should be taken as entertainment only. There was nothing to call Carry a misogynist or homophobic.

But going through the videos on Tik Tok really made me worry about the youth of the Nation. The kind of videos uploaded by most people there, is absolutely nonsensical and beyond normal human behaviour.

I am not against Tik Tok, neither on the side of Carry Minati, but this needs to be accepted, if cringe can be sold in the name of content, then I see no harm in seeing carry’s video as a pure form of entertainment.

-Upasana Sarbajna


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