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Writing as a Therapy

Writing might seem like an ordinary day to day thing for us. We have been writing Since We first went to school. We started to learn to write eve. Before we could read or understand the words or alphabets properly. We learned to memorise while we wrote the letters down. We learned to write when the words that have been written before were passed down to us. It is the foundation of knowledge. Yet it is ignorant to most.
It is said that " pen is mightier than sword" it goes without saying that the 1st world war started by misinterpreting a letter by a cunning adviser. Swords are physically used to fight war by people. It is limited to an area or place but writings spread like a wildfire from place to place. It Influences millions of people if it is a powerful wording letter or an article. Being influenced by writing people react very quickly and precipitate the dangerous and devastating activities. Ideology involves magnetic power and it attracts the attention of all and sundry. We see writings here and there convening messages. From books to billboards we see words all around us but have we been wondering how important writing is in our lives?

There are different uses of writing and different people use it in different ways. Some people use it to spread knowledge and information. Some use it as a therapy. For some people it's just a hobby and for some it's a livelihood. It has its way into people's lives.

For some people writing can become a livelihood. There are people writing stories, poems, taglines, news, and different content for different purposes which gives them an earning. This is a good way of utilising a talent you are good at. People who are good at writing can pursue careers like writers, content creators, journalists, advertisers and almost every job.

For me it's all of the above. When I was in elementary school due to some unfortunate event, I lost some of my close friends. I had nobody to talk to or be friends with other than just one friend. I used to feel a lot lonely and didn't know how to cope with it. I always had so much in my mind and had to let it out somewhere but I had no one to tell to or someone who would just understand. Then, one day I found my sister's diary. I secretly read it and it would be interesting. So, I decided to write a diary on my own. I used to write whatever I used to feel and happened to me. As a child I was always imaginative and these stories I wanted to happen with me. I even wrote them down. It helped me feel as Little light and good from the inside. Soon my sister Found my diaries and she told my parents that I had written some stories in it which turned out to be good for my age. And there I found out I could write stories and poems and I had the potential of becoming a writer.

The things I wrote down were my stories but it helped a lot of people to feel connected. It helped them realize that they are not the only one going through the same kind of story and has also inspired a lot to share their own. To be honest writing isn't a special skill. Everyone has it but every few realize and learn to utilise it. So just keep them as their passion and some turn into their profession. Either way it helps a person to grow.
Years Later I found that all this time what was called therapeutic writing. It is a type of writing therapy that the therapist suggests their patients practice to cope up with their problem and feelings. This is a kind of art that helps have a perspective into spiritual healing and emotional growth. For a person who has experienced a traumatic or a stressful event, writing therapy can have a significant healing effect.

Some people love to write the pros and cons for a situation and they stick it to the wall and or something from where it is perfectly visible. It also helps people to remind and remember things that our minds trick into forgetting. Thus, it has been proven to be an effective way to heal yourself.

If you feel burdened by an emotion or thought then write down about it. It will help you understand what you want. You don't need to be Shakespeare to write. You need to be you. All you need is a pen and paper and see how it changes your life.

- Durgesh Nandini Naik


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