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Top 5 must watch Anime movies

Konichiwa! I am here to share with you one of my favourite genres of movies and series which is Anime. Well, if you don't know about it then let me explain it to you.

Anime is the Japanese style of animated film and television for both children and adults.

Japanese styles are often referred to the vibrant colours used, detailed facial expressions and dramatic panning. More than Anime characters are the most fantasies version of humans with unusual or mostly chic styled drawing. Nowadays people are taking styling tips from anime with those dressing and hair and makeup. Even though anime has become a genre itself it is also known for having a variety of range from romantic comedy to mystery thrillers. You name it, they have it. The excellent story lines and the visuals give out the best combination for an almost real-life experience.

Over the years Anime movies and series have gained a lot of popularity all across the globe for its fantasy style drawing and realistic approach of the animated cartoons. Series like Naruto, Dragon Ball Z and one Piece are the few of the most popular Anime among both Adults and children. The mature content and humorous timings are what the adults are attracted to. Plus, we are never old for cartoons, are we?

Well, if you are bored of the Western cartoons or you think you are too grown up with their content then how about trying something new to watch. So, here are my 5 top Anime movies you must watch.
[Warning: Some stories are too emotional to handle. So, always have a box of tissues and your favourite snack handy.]

1. Let me eat your pancreas
Don't be scared by the name. It doesn't involve any cannibalistic practices. If you have the movie it will make sense at the end. The movie is about a boy who accidentally finds a diary of a girl who is suffering from a Terminal illness which will lead to her death and that girl turns out to be his classmate. The girl doesn't know anyone else about her illness but at the same time had a list of things she wanted to do before she died. So, they became friends and tried to complete everything on her list.

In my opinion this movie perfectly shows how uncertain our lives are and what is the meaning of actually being alive.

2. Your name
Makuto Shinkai's name is an excellent choice if you want your brain wires to get twisted for a change. The movie is about a town boy and village girl who are totally unaware of each other's existences. Until one day their souls switch and they wake up in each other’s body every once in a while. At first, they both get confused but get used to it and try to understand one another. Meanwhile they are in switched bodies they leave notes for each other for the other for when they get back but all of a sudden, the switching of bodies stops. The boy is determined to find her from all the little details he remembers of her life. All he wanted to know was her name and his journey begins from there.

In my opinion the movie might seem like a rom com at first but turns out to be. well… no spoilers. This movie shows us that we all fall in love with the soul. Other things are just superficial.

3. Hotarubi no mori e (into the forest of the fireflies’ light)
Okhyyyyyyy here comes to supernatural lovers who might also like a lil rom com. This is a story of a Summer when a little girl was lost in the forest. After wandering for hours, she started crying out loud. Meanwhile a person appears to her rescue. She becomes happy to find a Human and runs into him but he stops her. Turns out he was a forest spirit and if any human touches him he will disappear forever. The little girl agreed not to touch him but wanted to become friends with him. Since the forest was in her uncle's Village, she used to visit there every Summer vacation. She visited every Summer playing with him in the forest till she became a Teenager. This is a beautiful and innocent story of a childhood love.

4. 5 centimeter per second
The story of this movie is divided into 3 chapters. It's a story of two kids, a boy and girl who were best friends but soon got separated by their family’s jobs but promise to meet again. After their meeting after years. They started to drift apart in their lives. Since the story is mostly narrated from the boy's Point of view. His side of story and emotions were reflected in the story of the separation, the moving on and the conclusion. Which also depicted them into the three stages of kids, high schoolers and adult life.

This movie depicts the changes that are brought into our lives without our will but we have no choice other than falling into. Times will pass and so the people in our lives. It's up to us what we hold on to.

5. A silent Voice
This is a story about a boy and a transfer student girl. He finds her weird because she was mute and deaf and she always tried to communicate with him but he would fail to understand. Unknowingly he turns to a bully and bullies her to an extent that she decides to quit school and transfer to another school. This became a huge bad remark on him and his whole class turned blind on him and even he starred distancing people. Once he was an adult, he realized what he did and went to apologize and ended up becoming friends with her. Their new friendships bring them close and also help him realize his past mistakes.

This movie beautifully depicts the consequences of the things we decide to do recklessly and how much of an impact it makes on other people. Friendship, love and family is part of this movie.

There are more beautiful movies from the world of anime that I couldn't fit in this one list. Shall we wait for part 2 then?

- Durgesh Nandini naik


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