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“Let today be the day you learn the grace of moving on and the power of letting go”
When we determine the possibilities after a heart break irrespective of the cause the mere conclusion of letting go is a delayed thought. Alteration of lifestyle is frightening and is challenging to adapt. When we entrust our acceptance and belief on someone, sometime unknowingly we grow our roots to that soul. Uprooting doesn’t only leave us ached but adrift in our own existence. We sequentially move back to mend situations before comprehending the option of moving on. But it is always a better dilemma than a wondering conscience over defeated ground.
A fair acknowledgement is painful and at times difficult to welcome. Underneath drafted are advises that can allow a better understanding of the concept “Letting go”.
The theory of giving up is quiet contradictory. Some might configure it to be utterly negative but it truly depends on the consequences one is facing. Attempting to amend your own misconstrue and confessing to it is a work of benevolence but it’s imperative to know your resisting limit. The act of denial is harmful. When your good deeds are taken for granted and the weakness availed as a weapon by others maybe its time to retreat your efforts and give up. Because ultimately you are the one to safeguard your mental well-being.
Every individual is capable of self-judgement of their own feelings. Some might conceal it from themselves and others choose not to act upon it. Suffering in silence can not only act as an agent of emotional afflict but physical disturbances too. The awareness of doom and dismal in a situation is enough to reconcile the very thought that you don’t deserve it. Self-motivation in intrapersonal act and a evidence of your strength amidst the difficulty. Are you capable of apprehending the worse in your living setting and hold the strength to move on for the sake responsibility you own to yourself is the big decision?
The art of Acknowledging and move on has an amicable serenity in the cause. It is a rough path but acquiring the courage to traverse it will be peaceful enough to your mind and soul. Finally allowing you to letting go and proceed towards a better life.

-Deepanwita Dey


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