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When we read about the miraculous working of the zodiac and how they frame an individual’s personality. Every individual has some secrets they conceal withing themselves that they avoid projecting to the real world in fear of certain insecurities or past experiences. No matter how strong the planetary position or the elemental influence makes them there are convinced weakness that every persona hold. So next time you meet a Leo ask yourself do they relay believe to be that aggressive towards everyone? Or is Pisces that naïve and sensitive to emotions as they portray to the world and why Scorpions this vindictive all these answers could be provided by revealing briefly the confidential information every sun-sign camouflage.
Today in this article we will be looking forward to a brief description of some of the darkest secrets buried in the deepest part of the individual’s life.
The general personality of Aries states to be extremely ambitious and aggressive who can go to any limit to acquire what they desire and sometimes they can be judged as outright rude to some people but has anyone ever wondered why they possess to be that aggressive. Well astrological study says its because they secretly care a lot people and they don’t show it because of being taken advantage of. They are aggressive because they always seek for validation in someone’s life.
Taurus’s general personality includes or the one that specially catches the crowd and irritates them the most is their stubbornness now some are so concentrated with fixing that trait that they don’t ask the deeper reason behind the attitude. Experts confirm it is because Taureans have always been lonely child and that is what instigates the materialistic nature as they try to find comfort in non-living things when they can’t get it from a living being.
Gemini’s are identified by being always true and original with whatever they say, they don’t believe in sugar quoting things. This originates from their very least judgemental side because they themselves are dealing with a lot of dilemmas. There mind is always all over the place and they themselves cannot manage their own regular mood swings that’s why they always say what they feel.

Born under the influence of moon their general personality will of course include being sensitive and emotional. They think with their heart more than their brains. Experts decode this to be because of the strong emotional connection they constantly crave from someone else. They also have a difficult time saying no to someone they love and care in the fear that they will lose that individual. Cancerian are also paranoid of being left out and alone.
Ever wondered why Leos are this fearless and always put up a brave front with whatever challenge they witness, they can also be translated as heartless but when time comes Leo can be the most compassionate person you will ever meet, they are generous enough to take blame for someone else they care about just to save them from the trouble.
Virgos are unapologetically practical and rational thinkers and they have a tendency to always look at the bigger picture in every situation. Astrologers say that they might be big planners and less impulsive but deep down they are highly adventurous and would like to break free once in a while to feel the thrill in life that they miss in their life.
Libra’s general personality includes being unbiased and always finding a mid-ground or balance between the work they do. The truth is Libra doesn’t always want perfection from the beginning they are fond of the mess so that they can fix them into excellence and catch all the attention and spotlight for their good work.
Scorpions are said to be vindictive and they have grown a bad reputation for that but according to experts the original reason for such behaviour is their constant paranoia that other individual will take advantage of their kindness so they prefer to be alone. Scorpions never develop a close bond with anyone specially the one they are working with.
Ever wondered why Sagittarius is so direct with whatever they say, their bluntness might give others the idea that they have least care for other people’s feelings. Astrologers decoded this personality to be very anxious and always battling through their own demons, they crave to be surrounded with their loved ones and they are often scared that their true nature will push others away.
Often when you hear someone judging you or trying to control you obsessively you guess smoothly that they belong to the Capricorn clan and I am not even mentioning a detail of their confusing mood swings. Astrologers believe that such personality is activated through the overpowering emotional side that Capricorn’s deal with. Sometimes they find it extremely tiring to differentiate between the practical and emotional world.
They always seem to annoyed and disappointed by what everyone around is doing. It is not that Aquarius are always criticizing they might not sometimes say it out loud that they don’t like your work it is because they always want to do something better for the human race by making a difference in the world.
Pisces are often considered naïve and they are day dreamers and their expectations are always out of the world but they don’t always like their sensitive over emotional side and crave to escape it at times. Their dreaming side could irritate people at times but that helps in bringing out excellent creative ideas.

-Deepanwita Dey


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