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No impact of the pandemic on University’s Placements; JKLU wins the situation

While the entire world is struggling to overcome the current situation of coronavirus pandemic, it seems too scary for recent university graduates who are looking forward to starting their career. Since, the outbreak has practically forced universities and recruiters to stop ongoing activities of placements and joining amid lockdown, Jaipur based JK Lakshmipat University, which is the leading university offering B.Tech and MBA, claimed to have no or rather slightest impact on the placement and hiring process. The university’s Career Services Division is constantly engaging both employers and students (on one to one basis) to ensure that the placements and internships offered by recruiters before lockdown are in place and convincing some of the companies to pursue online boarding of students during the lockdown period.

In the Institute of Management, out of 22 students eligible for placement, 36 offers had been rolled out by companies that visited campus. Prominent among these were Lido Learning, S&P Global, Vivo, JK Paper, JK Tyre, Intellipaat, Oppo, HDFC Ergo, Aavas Financiers. So far only one MBA student’s joining date has been postponed by 3 months but the offer has not been revoked. At the same time, another MBA student has joined a recruiter online amid lockdown and three others have joined just before the lockdown was imposed and they are working from home. In the Institute of Engineering & Technology, out of 149 students eligible for placement, 104 students had been successfully placed before lockdown.Some of them had already joined organizations before or virtually during the lockdown while for others, joining has been deferred till the announcement of government decision over national lockdown. Recruiters like Cognizant, IBM India Private ltd, Fleeca Indiahad visited for campus recruitment.

Out of 111 students who are eligible for summer internships, 40 students are already pursuing their internships online. Students of the 2019-21 MBA batches, who were supposed to begin their summer internships from April 2020, have either begun it online or would be joining after the lockdown. “We are also exploring several online project opportunities under virtual global apprenticeship programs and the response has been positive so far”, informed Dr. RL Raina, Vice-Chancellor, JK Lakshmipat University.


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