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Makeup is the new obsession among girls these days. Not for hiding ourselves, but for being creative and play with it. We do makeup, because we can. It’s not about hiding our insecurities or anything, it’s just that girls love to do makeup because it gives us a better confidence. There are a thousand of vloggers who have attained tremendous success by posting their makeup tutorials online.

But the problem being, most girls don’t know which are the basic make up products one should have for the basics. So, there are a few make up products which every girl should swear by.

1.    BB Creme: Many people might not know about this, but there are a lot of girls who do not prefer using foundation. Foundations give a very cakey look to your face and honestly, finding a light foundation is a myth. So, to save you from that, BB Creme is always at the rescue. BB Cremes are light weight, and can be used on a daily basis and are amazing for moisturizing your skin. The best part about a BB Creme is that, it’s very less expensive than a Foundation. So its value for money too.
2.    Face Mist: Many are not aware of this, but face mists are the most important products to have specially during the summer. Make up itself is not sufficient to make you face look fresh throughout the day. Also sweat and oil makes your face look even more dull than it is. Face Mists do their magic like a magician. One spray is enough to make your face look very fresh and gloomy whenever you want.
3.    Blush: For people who don’t like to put much on their faces, blush is the ultimate answer for them. A little blush on your cheeks can be good in two ways. It gives a slight effect of contour which makes your face look comparatively slimmer and the blush gives you a very bubbly look. A light coral flush colour on the cheeks should be the best start of the day.
4.    Mascara: Eyeliners take forever to be aligned, and honestly not a very good option when you are in a hurry. But honestly stepping out without putting anything on the upper eyelids the biggest mistake we often make. Instead, putting on a volumizing mascara is the answer to all problems. A perfect water-proof mascara that give the ultimate volume to your eyelashes is something that can replace all other eye products.
5.    Lip Tint: Lipsticks these days are not anymore a woman’s best friends. We are more inclined towards lip tints. Tints are actually multipurpose, because it acts as a lip tint, blush and eye shadow at the same time. they are light and do not feel very heavy on the lips. Tints are transfer proof and do not wear off easily. They are a little expensive, but are totally worth the shot.
-Upasana Sarbajna


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