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Having a doubt in making a career with photography?

An art of majoring togetherness in the form of capturing everyday life. A technique very simple yet exclusive for its difficulty in dealing with. A career as simple as clicking pictures, can make you earn a living in a blink of an eye.
Let's see how-
1.    Make sure you have a camera. Whether a simple point and shoot or a DSLR for that matter. Having one is more important, otherwise your phones help, but to go down the professional line, you need a camera.
2.    To the newbies out there, I'm sure experimenting wouldn't be that tough. Try your hands at everything. Don't miss out on what you think couldn't be clicked. The more you click, the more you learn and the ones we are unsure of, they are the ones that turn out to be a hit!
3.    The ones who have started with photography or are yet to learn, start following pages and keep contacts of your peers who are related with this field. There are numerous amounts of workshops held by various photographers worldwide. You never know when your lucky chance would be! Attend these classes or separate classes that are conducted these days for amateurs to turn better at what they already are.
4.    A very important part of this profession, you need to have an account in social media, otherwise, well well… nobody knows who you are other than your close ones. Making an account in Facebook having a page there, the same goes for Instagram and other channels. Communicate. It is the most essential base for going a step forward with your passion.
5.    Another part of publicising your art. Make contacts. Create a bond with eminent people working in the same line as you. Who knows, maybe one day, we see you collaborating with artists around the world.
6.    The next important part of candid’s; start blogging and vlogging as well. The more you write about your experiences, the more you showcase your endeavours, the more people want to know you. The more they connect and the more you grow in the field. This is the most adventurous and fun part of it all.
7.    Having knowledge about editing and software. This could take you a long way in future. The more you understand how this function, pictures look much better once you change them in their retrospect. Not always is it necessary, but most of the time, for presentation sake, it is required.
8.    Posting your work and being active are two of the other major requirements. Your social media depends on how you showcase it. Trying to be active, if not every day, at least four days a week, says something about you.
9.    Using hashtags and tagging your fellow mates is a must. You want to be recognised; you have to do what is needed. Giving a catchy tagline or caption to attract the viewers and get hooked on, takes you a long way in this journey.
10.    Visit new places, new people, try out new things. Take this chance and make the most out of it. Travelling, even if it is inside your city, you're still clicking and writing about it!
11.    Don't lose your patience. Often, running the same pattern and following the same schedule everyday could get monotonous. Take breaks in the middle of work. Feel free in the meanwhile and relax yourself. Nobody becomes a photographer, in just a minute. It requires time, patience and your hard work.

Once these steps are followed. You can earn a huge amount of money and people might want to see more of your work around the globe. It takes time, but you never know. It's all about trying until you succeed.

Freelancing is an option that todays' generation takes a lot. Firstly, because we like having a bit of fun with everything we do. Secondly, because life's short and trying out various hobbies are a part of life. And thirdly, because being a control freak throughout, is uncalled for...
Your career via photography can go a long way. It makes you whole. You not only get a chance to travel the world, but eating is part of the deal as well. Food food and more food!

Making new friends. Meeting new people. Learning different languages. You become an ambassador for those who look up to you and represent yourself with remarkable awards and what not. Who knows, one day you could know what's happening behind the scenes of our film industry. The genres photography has to offer, are a million. From nature to wildlife, scenery to portrait, street photography to abstract, colour to black and white, negative to retro and the list continues. Know your most favourite genre out of them all. Get to know yourself and the camera better.

Once you do. You become a star.
This career gives you an option to explore, experience and express. Go for it! Our main fear is earning for ourselves. When we get to this position, then there's no stopping. Starting out on your own and collaborating, after which the recognition follows by many; your life is made for you to watch and continue. This is the time, take it and make the most of it.

It is all part of the package. Show what you can do. Give your everything into it. Let people know that it is not only your passion, but your love as well. Have fun and discover.

-Namrata Dey
Amity University


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