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Even before I was born
My destiny was torn
Away from me to have to rights
To ever speak my mind
The day I was born
Thought it will change your mind
When you see your sun.
But even then, I was wrong
Your pride has turned
You into a stone.

I remember my mother telling to me
I have to be what my father wants to see.
Because he wants the best for me.
And I should be grateful for it.

As I grew up to the age
I fell in love with the pages
Of book made of stories
That calmed my worries.

I wanted to write a story of my own.
Wanted to be inspired by my songs.
Wanted to love the person I meet
In the Summer days, In the sunflower Fields.
I wanted to write about it.

But father, you found my dream
Called me delusion in my head.
You tore the papers into pieces
You broke me into pieces.

Yes, I wanted to save lives
By not being a doctor
By the words I write
Just wanted to spread love that heals
The places the medicines can't reach.

Father you wanted me to be big
Taught me money and respect
Is all a man need.
But what price does happiness come by it?
Will I ever make enough money to buy it?

It's not like I oppose it.
But for once I wanted to be
The person I have always seen
In my happy dreams.

A person who can stand by what they say.
For once being brave enough to stay
True to myself and to you.
Be the best child for you.

I wanted to be the perfect child
Even when deep inside me
I knew I was lying
To you to myself.
I am Sorry I couldn't help.

I am afraid that I will lose myself.
Won't even survive to cry for help.
How could I be someone else
When I can't even be myself.

Death tastes sweeter than life.
For once it will be a choice of mine.
I don't want to live like.
Goodbye to you father and your dreams.
Few years ago, I lost a friend who couldn't be strong enough to stand against her father's dream of him being a doctor. A Tribute to her and many other kids who chose death over life due to parental pressure.

- Durgesh nandini Naik
Amity University


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